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Is a math degree good for a career?

Updated Evans, Colorado

I am currently pursuing a degree in math. I know that there are a lot of careers that use math these days like insurance, finance, statistics, and cryptography. Is this the best degree to ensure that I get a job in one of these fields? And, if not what else should I look at? Thank you. #math #career-options #finance #statistics #insurance #college-major

4 answers

John’s Answer


Hi Riley, from my experience in accounting and finance, math is an excellent degree to have. Without getting too specific, a math degree is very well respected within finance, but also across all companies that are interested in analytics and statistics. I had multiple friends from college who were math majors in college that ended up working in an analytics department for a large public company. From a high level perspective, starting in math will challenge critical thinking ability and ability to handle complex issues. However, I do not think there is any one job that is 'best' across all of these industries (for example: a geography major might be the best degree for cryptography, but geography may not be the best degree in the insurance industry). Some of these industries may favor one degree over another, but math, in what I have seen, is an incredibly well-respected background.

John’s Answer

Updated Pennington, New Jersey

Certainly! Mathematics is the foundation of engineering, finance, data analytics and every form of Information Technology. The skills you develop will also assist you in problem solving and in understanding abstractions. If you combine a rigorous mathematics program with a concentration or  concentrations in applied fields you will be able to immediately put your skills to use in the real world.

Christina’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Yes! A math major will be a good foundation and will allow you to take your career in many directions. If you are considering a career in finance or insurance, try taking a few finance, economics, accounting and accelerated statistics courses. If you enjoy those classes, you can minor in one of those subjects to help broaden your opportunities! Best of luck!

Pavol’s Answer

Updated Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Riley,

definitely yes, it is indeed! I graduated in statistics and during my career so far (12 years) it has always been helpful to understand numbers. however if I can give you one advice - do not forget to learn also some soft skills like listening to people, public speaking/presentation skills, influencing, networking - those kind of skills are necessary to be successful in roles like data science and many math guys are naturally not good at but can be learned.