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What is the most challenging aspect as a senior associate accountant?

I am currently taking ABM strand in this time of pandemic yet the discussions and modules are useless because I cannot understand all of them and no one's helping me out. #mathematics #statistics

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2 answers

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Rituparno’s Answer

ABM presents a very unique way of building one's career. Its like creating order in a place which can usually go into a chaos if not looked into. I see challenging aspects of being a Senior Accountant Associate as-
1. Eagle eye for details
2. Focus under pressure
3. Repetitive work
4. Non-Negotiable deadlines
5. The growth path is not ballistic but steady
The base way in times of pandemic is to find for real life case problems in the text books or Internet, try to solve them and compare your solution with your friends before looking towards the actual solution(s). If you still don't find it interesting try to manage the same for your home grocery buys or your own personal expenses based on your pocket money. That you will give you a fair understanding to what you are studying.
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Frank’s Answer

1. Team up with your best friend at ABM and communicate via Skype and brainstorm together some accounting questions you are both likely to face in the end of term exams.
2. Text your class teacher or tutor and explain the issues you are facing at home on your own and ask for help and support.
3. Go on -line to your local government employment office and advertise for an experienced accounting person to help you out online for free.
4. Go to and volunteer as an accounting student and help other students learn with you on accounting and mathematical problems together and brainstorm ideas that get you both excited about now to find solutions....
5. Call your college library and ask the Librarian to recommend websites, books and videos you can obtain by post from the library that will he;p you understand Maths, Statistics, Accounting problems (that you are likely to get in your term and final exams).
6. Practice the questions from previous exam papers and learn to memorize the best answers to all the old questions before you take the college exams.
Good Luck!
Best Wishes!