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How to grow a successful business and how to get a successful wrestling career

At school I am interested in #business and math, while my hobbies include #statistics and #wrestlingcareer. In my future I want to become a #prowrestler and a #business owner.

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5 answers

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Heidy’s Answer

Jakob, as you already know wrestling is a very demanding sport. I wrestled in high school and my daughter is now wrestling in high school, and my middle school sons are also wrestling. The path to becoming a professional wrestler will be similar to other sports. You’ll have to challenge yourself mentally and physically every day. I would recommend that you register for the USA Wrestling. You should get a wrestler card, if you don’t already have one. You should also create your profile. The site provides members the opportunity to speak to college wrestling recruiters and also to see competitions in your area and across the U.S. As a member, your pins, wins and losses will be tracked, and it creates a wrestler profile that other organizations or schools may view. I would also recommend that you join your state wrestling organization. Try to compete outside of school with the support of your coaches. I would recommend that you talk to your coaches and your counselor about your goals. I’ve seen many wrestling matches including one at the University of Virginia, where Jay Aiello, a former wrestler from my daughter’s high school was wrestling. Jay has been wrestling for a very long time and continues to have a strong relationship with his high school coaches. I recommend that you prepare yourself physically and mentally as the matches get harder and harder as you move up from high school to college. I love wrestling, I understand the strength, technique, and courage that it takes to push oneself to the limit every day. I understand how challenging it is mentally to go back into a match with a bloody nose or sore body. I understand how it feels to give it your all and still get pinned. I have great respect and admiration for all wrestlers. I also understand the risks that wrestling, and any sport come with. Always makes sure you practice fair play and sportsmanship and that you listen to your body when it may be at the verge of its limit. I’m sure you’ve already considered those factors and if not give it some thought. I would recommend researching colleges and their wrestling programs to determine which would be best for your goals. As far as growing a successful business, I agree with Michael and Darwin that you should explore your passion. Its sounds like wrestling is one of your passions. There may be other passions that you have not discovered yet, so, always keep an open mind. If wrestling and business sounds like the avenue for you, then you’ll want to prepare yourself by understanding how to manage a business. Understand the terminology, the financial reporting required, the risks and benefits of growing a business. I would recommend studying business management or business administration in college. You may even want to get a master’s in business administration (MBA) from a school that focuses in Entrepreneurship. There are many MBA programs across the country and online. The founder and executive chairman of Under Armour, Kevin Plank, graduated from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP). He played football in his youth through high school and after high school. Kevin completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration and his MBA at UMCP. I was part of a tour at UMCP’s Smith School where they explained that Kevin developed his business plan for Under Armour as his thesis for his MBA. His roommate in college was a football player and professional wrestler Darren Drozdov. I would recommend that you research both these men to understand their journey. It may help inspire you as you prepare for your own journey. Best of luck in both your passions!

Heidy recommends the following next steps:

Research wrestling associations
Research colleges with wrestling divisions
Research other individuals with similar passions such as successful business people and professional wrestlers
Take courses in school on financial literacy or business managment
Stay strong and explore all your passions

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Darin’s Answer

Well I can't speak on the wrestling portion of your question. I had said I wanted to be a pro wrestler in Middle School but I was a kid, kids say a lot. I know there's wrestling school out there, run by some of the biggest names in the business. You'd have to Google Search for wrestling schools and see what comes up. As for the business and math side of the question, it really depends what you want to pursue business wise. Business is such a wide education path. Every school has business courses, and all of them requiring math. Everything from business administration, management, human resources, retail management, small business. It really all depends what you want to do and major in. Explore local schools, see what interests you and have fun with it

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Vincent’s Answer

Hi Jakob,

I too had dreams of being a professional athlete, however I still worked hard in school, got good grades and always had my “back-up plan”. Being a D1 college athlete was a strong speaking point for me during interviews and helped me bond with my work teams quickly. Also, being an athlete really does make a difference in your professional career as so many of the skills you develop in your sports career transfers to the workplace. You may not realize until after you start working. I encourage you to keep chasing your dream, but remember there is life after sports so work hard in everything you do! Best of luck!!

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Darin, I have never been a wrestler, but it is always sound advice to combine your business ambitions with a passion, that way you will continue to have the drive, & motivation even in tough times. So why don't you look to combine your wrestling career with a business venture? And if there are other businesses already doing something similar, I would identify one of the successful ones, and look to work for them so you cut your teeth on someone else's dime. That way when you set up your own business you wont make as many mistakes, plus you will know what the competition is doing and can either look to compete directly with them, or carve out your own 'USP' - unique selling point. Best of luck!

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Sherrie’s Answer

Jakob this may help you with both your aspirations.


Hi Sherrie, just to clarify, are you suggesting the student open their own wrestling camp? Gurpreet Lally