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Daniel Oct 27, 2020 457 views

What is the salary range for custodial worker?

I'm an 18 year man old looking for a career in custodial work. #salary

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Jaelarae Oct 27, 2020 363 views

How many positions are the in custodial work, if they're any?

I'm 18 and I am looking for work #work #jobs

Jaelarae’s Avatar
Jaelarae Oct 27, 2020 392 views

Do custodial workers get options on where they want to clean?

I am 18 and I'm looking for work #career

deejay’s Avatar
deejay Oct 07, 2020 556 views

What does it take to become a Navy Construction machinist

how can I become a Navy construction machinist? #navy #construction

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Oct 22, 2020 321 views

How many hours do i have to be on my feet?

I'm from El Paso Texas, I'm 18 years old, My hobbies are playing basketball and video games, My goals are to get my GED and finish Job Corps to able to move forward in my life.

Colby’s Avatar
Colby Oct 23, 2020 1962 views

What do you have to do to become a Fire Fighter

Hi I am in 12 grade and this career has been interesting me for a while.I have no definite plan on what to do after school and I am scared for my future especially because my brain is not set just on this career but I just need some clarification
#firefighter #firefighting

De'kaia’s Avatar
De'kaia Sep 04, 2020 840 views

How do I go into the army?

I lost my dad last year on Christmas Eve #career-choice #military

Shantrell’s Avatar
Shantrell Sep 04, 2020 558 views

How can you help me determine a future career?

I am a sophomore at HillCrest High School I want to be successful but i don't know what my future goals are. #career-choice #help

Deangelo’s Avatar
Deangelo Sep 04, 2020 587 views

How much game testers get paid.

I like football and basketball. I like video games. I like technology. Im interested in truck driving. #gaming # Trucker

donquavis’s Avatar
donquavis Sep 04, 2020 459 views

what tips do yo have for becoming a video game designer.

I like to play games so much so i thought y not make them. #video-games

Omarion’s Avatar
Omarion Sep 04, 2020 418 views

I have a lot of Jobs I want to do when I leave high school, so how could I break them down to a reasonable amount?

#gamedesigner #musicians #lawyer

Imani’s Avatar
Imani Sep 04, 2020 638 views

Is going into a animation career worth it?

I'm a 12th grader and I have been doing art for years, but i wasn't serious about it until I was in middle school. I want to become an animator, but I find it hard to lean the basics and find it confusing to use my program, Clip paint studio. I might not because an animator and just be a...

cisco’s Avatar
cisco Aug 31, 2020 650 views

what college have hands on learning?

Want to know #ranching

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Aug 31, 2020 1408 views

Can someone recommend me a major to consider?

Hi everyone i'm applying to colleges right now am i'm having a hard time choosing a major. I like math and science but my natural strengths are in writing and public speaking. I would like to go to grad school after college but I also want a major that offers good career options right out of...

Itzel’s Avatar
Itzel Aug 31, 2020 1384 views

I'm in a Community College but I dont know what I want to major in.

I would like to travel around the world and explore new places, earn money and be able to help others. I'm not sure what I want to major in and its stressing me out. I'm also afraid to choose the wrong career. How can I know exactly what I want? And what classes should I take if I'm undecided?...