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Career Questions tagged Microsoft

Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Jan 13 95 views

What is it like to work as a Network Systems Administrator?

I'm already enrolled into the Job Corps program and am going to work on completing my programs in customer service, computer technician and network administrator advanced program and at the same earn my COMPTIA A+ and CCNA certification within three years. I am an aspiring network systems...

python management computers technology information-technology javascript c+ it tech computer-software networking microsoft network adobe ccna comptiaa+ certifications html powershell comptia computer-science linux

Cooper B.’s Avatar
Cooper B. Oct 23, 2015 1131 views

What is the best way to get into Microsoft software development team?

Hi my name is cooper I am in sixth grade and my dream job is Microsoft software development team and I have a few questions. What degree is the best to get into Microsoft because I know a lot of people apply, and what do I need to do to start getting ready, I have all ready been programming...

software microsoft

Troy Deluccia’s Avatar
Troy D. Oct 26, 2017 803 views

Where to find a part time at home job?

I Have. microsoft word technology. I love Apple too. I have human skills. Such as:Talking, Listening, using manners, asking questions, looking good, being cheerful, And being...

Mason C.’s Avatar
Mason C. Sep 05, 2018 550 views

I want to work at microsoft

I like microsoft and designing Microsoft...

Denzel E.’s Avatar
Denzel E. Apr 04, 2018 408 views

High school internships

Are there any internship opportunities available for rising sophomores and/or rising juniors in high school? Possibly in major technological industries such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc? apple google microsoft...


Christopher W.’s Avatar
Christopher W. Oct 30, 2016 898 views

Is it difficult to score a job at Google or Microsoft as a computer science major?

I was wondering if it is the type of field where you start low and rise up in the ranks or a more static position once you are in. computer-science google...


Leion E.’s Avatar
Leion E. Sep 01, 2016 705 views

Video Gaming

What is it like to work in the video gaming industry??? game-programming microsoft quality-assurance alienware...


Alec J.’s Avatar
Alec J. Jun 04, 2016 968 views

Is it necessary to become efficicent using Microsoft Office to make your college career easier?

I know that there are different majors in college and I was curious about how often Office will be used throughout college. I used word sometimes during high school but it was different because we were in a classroom. Should I familiarize myself with all the programs such as, Word, Power...

office technology tech microsoft college

Victoria B.’s Avatar
Victoria B. Oct 29, 2015 1672 views

For Microsoft:How much is the Salary?

I want to work for Microsoft to become an game developer, i plant to go to college for gaming and want to work with Microsoft when I gradute, but is the salary ok,good, or terrible? Any question will be apprectiated! salary...


Nelson F.’s Avatar
Nelson F. Apr 17, 2015 969 views

Hi I have a question about Microsoft, and I want to know what is it that they do as a job?

because i want to know what they do, just by saying, oh i work at Microsoft is not so self explainable. I'm a senior and right now I'm doing a program about Hospitality and I'm still searching for something that i might be interested in. and in my expert time I read and I also think that, Is...

profit microsoft technology