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Career Questions tagged Quality Assurance

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Oct 03, 2022 258 views

How to get into computer hardware QA engineering?

How do I get a position working in a company where they are needing technicians to work with the hardware engineers to troubleshoot and do quality assurance work on their products. I graduated with an associates in pre - engineering but I would like to get some real world experience to...

Ki Hyun’s Avatar
Ki Hyun Sep 09, 2022 142 views

decision-making for my first career job.

The first option is the company is a Quality Assurance test engineer in the IT of the car industry. The second option is the company using software for drawing 2D and 3D drawings of the boiler in the boiler and combustion company. Is QA good for a long-lasting career? On career review sites,...

Leion’s Avatar
Leion Sep 01, 2016 851 views

Video Gaming

What is it like to work in the video gaming industry??? #game-programming #microsoft #quality-assurance #alienware #sony

Patrick Martin’s Avatar
Patrick Martin Jun 23, 2015 1376 views

What college courses should I take if I want to be a video game designer, writer, artist, or QA tester?

Hi guys, I have a few questions about the gaming industry. I'm an incoming junior in high school, and I've been wondering what courses people would recommend I take if I want to get into the gaming industry. I've been playing video games for most of my life and through the countless number of...