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Career Questions tagged Game Design

Wyatt P.’s Avatar
Wyatt P. Apr 27 95 views

A few questions about getting started as a Video Game Developer

I'm a freshman in high school and have some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript languages. 1. What tools/coding languages do you recommend starting out as a game designer? 2. What is the hardest kind of challenge you have faced during development? 3. What is the best genre of game to start...

Hope G.’s Avatar
Hope G. Apr 26 83 views

What's the best way to learn coding and how to model along with lighting, and sounds?

I wanna learn more about how to Code games along with how to do lighting and sound effects, i also wanna know how do you start on making a game?

Hope G.’s Avatar
Hope G. Apr 26 43 views

Is it a struggle when putting a game on market?

After coding and making a game when you put it on market is it hard to get people to play the game if so how do you deal with it?

weilin Y.’s Avatar
weilin Y. Apr 02 52 views

What can I do for my college year starting this September?

I got acceptted by UC Santa Cruz with the major Game Designs, and I want to go to this college, what should I do or prepare before I go to this college?

smith M.’s Avatar
smith M. Apr 01 78 views

Game-Designing colleges anywhere in the U.S.

I'm trying to find good colleges for Game-Designing for after I finish my education in high-school does anyone have good suggestions.

Jonathan S.’s Avatar
Jonathan S. Mar 25 87 views

What was the first game you created?

This question is mainly for game designers, just trying to see where people usually start off,

Cooper H.’s Avatar
Cooper H. Mar 02 185 views

What is the best engine for creating video games other than unity?

I used unity and the demand on my PC was too high. I now C# and Java as well as python so anything that uses those would be great. #game-design #video-games #technology #programming

malcolm S.’s Avatar
malcolm S. Nov 22, 2021 134 views

What are some things you would need to know before looking into becoming a video game designer?

I would really like to know what is good for video game designing so that i can get a job in it and start my career from there #video-game-design #game-design

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 10, 2021 154 views

How do I make roblox games?

Im 14 love roblox #gaming #game-design #computer-games #engineer #games

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 10, 2021 111 views

how do you make stages in games?

I'm Khalen, and I'm a fan of sonic and spongebob

#video-games #game-design

Desiree’ E.’s Avatar
Desiree’ E. Nov 09, 2021 184 views

What’s it like to be a creative director or a game designer in a company ?

I love to come up with new ideas and being creative. However, I want a career that I can also make a good amount on as well. So being a creative director of a game designer seems just up my alley. Any experience/ advice to give? #art #game-design #design #design #creativedirector

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Nov 03, 2021 105 views

how do you put cutscenes in video games

im khalen, i am a fan of sonic games #game-design #video-games #video-games

Aaron J.’s Avatar
Aaron J. Oct 26, 2021 149 views

What are the pros & cons of becoming a video game designer?

I've been into video games and love playing them since I first owned a PlayStation for as long I could remember when I around 7 or 8 years old. I always wanted to design and make a video game or my own console. What are the steps in becoming a video game designer and is it worth it as a...

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Oct 21, 2021 135 views

how do i be a game designer

my name is jamie # #video-games #designer #game-design #computer-games

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Oct 21, 2021 104 views
Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Oct 14, 2021 134 views

what do you do as a video game developer?

im 14 i like to play roblox #gaming #computer-games #video-games #game-design

Hope A.’s Avatar
Hope A. Oct 14, 2021 126 views

how do you make sonic games, Sega team?

My name is Khalen I am 12 years old
#game-design #video-games

Zongyin Z.’s Avatar
Zongyin Z. Oct 05, 2021 208 views

What are some important skills to learn to be a game designer?

I'm currently a high school student who taking AP computer science this year.
#game-design #video-games

weilin Y.’s Avatar
weilin Y. Oct 05, 2021 148 views

Which college should I consider if I want to be a game programmer in the future?

In other word, what classes should I take to get my degree for game programming? #game-design #programming

Jlane D.’s Avatar
Jlane D. Oct 05, 2021 158 views

What steps do I need to learn in order to become an advanced coder?

I've been wanting to code for a while now and now I get to learn some. I'm not sure if we will be learning about javascript here, but I want to learn more about computer techs because I want to be a youtuber when I grow up. I also want to be a web designer or a video game designer! #technology...

Wendy Z.’s Avatar
Wendy Z. Sep 28, 2021 147 views

What is something complex about being a video game designer?

I’m a 11th grader student, and I want to become a video game designer. #video-games #game-design #computer-games #design