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Career Questions tagged Computer Engineering

Benjamin G.’s Avatar
Benjamin G. May 16 71 views

What do most people do in computer engineering?

What are the main tasks people do while working in computer engineering.

Jervoris B.’s Avatar
Jervoris B. Apr 26 105 views

Is coding a hard focus area for a Computer Engineer?

Hi, I am a senior Computer Engineering major. I have no experience in the field and I would like to be able to get into the field without being completely lost.

Dominic C.’s Avatar
Dominic C. Mar 01 155 views

What steps should I take to enter the field of Computer and Information Research - particular tools/programs to learn, courses to take, experiences to have, etc.

I am a 21 year old currently attending career training, and just hoping to get some specialist advice from those in the field. I have familiarity with Google Suite - including Gmail, Drive, Classroom, etc - as well as some familiarity with software debugging and computer technology....

jaydin N.’s Avatar
jaydin N. Feb 24 150 views

What classes should I focus on in high school to become a computer engineer?

I am a sophmore, and love computers. Mainly the hardware. And am looking to become a computer engineer.


Daniel G.’s Avatar
Daniel G. Feb 07 185 views

What is the best language to learn for a computer science career?

I am really interested in going into the field of work of a software engineer or somewhere in the IT department. I know that there are plenty of ways I can prepare for a job like that. I am wondering which language will help me most for the future. I also want to know which language would be...

Hamad S.’s Avatar
Hamad S. Dec 31, 2021 277 views

Career Differences: Computer Science vs. Software Engineering

I'm currently a freshman computer science student and have always wondered what's the difference between computer science and software engineering in terms of careers, where to go after graduation and what type of work each major graduates should be doing. It seems to me that both majors are so...

Garvin K.’s Avatar
Garvin K. Dec 10, 2021 282 views

Is Computer Science a good major? (or worth the time)

I'm a senior at Burton high school. I'm interesting in Computer Sciences however is doubtful due to the experience i have with coding, etc. #college #computerscience
#computer-science #computer-software #technology #computer-engineering

Weikun L.’s Avatar
Weikun L. Oct 31, 2021 171 views

If I study computer science, what careers can I choose

Just very interested in computers, just feeling confused about future career choices

#computer-science #computer-engineering

Jimmy Y.’s Avatar
Jimmy Y. Oct 08, 2021 198 views

How can I become a computer engineer?

I love to build computers, I also love to build keyboards. #computer #computer-engineering

Jiarong J.’s Avatar
Jiarong J. Oct 06, 2021 263 views

While in college, how you prepare yourself to become a software engineer?

I am a High School Senior who has a strong passion in Computer Science and I am looking forward to become a Software Engineer. But I have a concern. According to Moore's law, "Computational progress will become significantly faster, smaller, and more efficient over time". I am worried that...

Howard L.’s Avatar
Howard L. Oct 05, 2021 153 views

Between computer engineer and computer science major, which major can give me a higher chance in getting a job as a software developer or software engineer?

I am currently a senior in high school, and I am in the middle of my college applications. I am debating whether I want computer engineering or computer science as a major.

#computer-engineering #software-developer #software-engineer

Jiale W.’s Avatar
Jiale W. Oct 05, 2021 308 views

How to become a computer hardware engineer?

I am a Junior student from Galileo high school. I wanted to take the computer hardware engineer. #computer-engineering #computer #engineering

Edwin W.’s Avatar
Edwin W. Oct 05, 2021 216 views
kayliann S.’s Avatar
kayliann S. Sep 28, 2021 207 views

Why do you enjoy working with computers and technology?

I’m interested in coding and computer technology. #computer #technology #programming #computer-engineering

Dylan P.’s Avatar
Dylan P. Sep 28, 2021 250 views

What skills are important to become a Computer Programmer?

What languages are most important and does it involve lots of working in teams or is it mostly working by yourself? #computer #programming #computer-engineering #computer-science

Jayden Z.’s Avatar
Jayden Z. Sep 15, 2021 172 views

What is the best way to balance learning or working for a career you are interested all while doing a side hobby/gig to help better yourself financially?

I am interested in Computer Science, Graphical Design/Art, Computer Engineering as well as Video Production. My experience varies in those categories but all the while, I want to maintain a side gig in college so I am able to self-sustain myself. #computer-science #computer...

Abhisri D.’s Avatar
Abhisri D. Sep 08, 2021 291 views

GWC: Where can I get an instructor for Girls Who Code Club at my school?

HI I am in the process of setting up the GWC Club at my school. Is there anyway we can have an Instructor (Online) who can guide us in coding at the club? That will be more helpful to be productive in the club. Any advice will be helpful. #information-technology #computer-software...

jason W.’s Avatar
jason W. Aug 05, 2021 214 views

what career should i get into

i enjoy building pcs and computer oriented stuff but i’m not sure as to what exact path i should take or what computer related career i should get into #computer-engineering

jason W.’s Avatar
jason W. Aug 05, 2021 196 views

What field should i go into

i enjoy coding a building computers and pretty much anything computer oriented but the problem is i’m not sure as to what computer or it fied i should go into #computer #computer-engineering

yash G.’s Avatar
yash G. Jul 19, 2021 217 views
Mohammed Y.’s Avatar
Mohammed Y. Jul 06, 2021 342 views

I want to be a software engineer but I also have an interest in acting, how could I manage both?

I'm still not 100% sure if software engineering #computer-engineering #software is the career path I would stick with.