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Career Questions tagged Software Engineering

Do Thi Thu T.’s Avatar
Do Thi Thu T. Jun 27 121 views

how to become a QA engineer?

how to become a QA engineer

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Ryan W. Jun 09 134 views

Thank you for your help!

For all people that have been helping me with my other questions, thank you because it is really helping! Especially the people that have answered multiple.

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Ryan W. May 26 173 views

What 2 or 3 coding languages should i study?

I have heard many coding languages but what are the 2 or 3 most used so I can study those in particular once i start studying them. If I'm not mistaken, JavaScript and python are commonly used.

Ryan W.’s Avatar
Ryan W. May 26 138 views

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that?

What did you do to become a software developer and what was your salary because of that. Im slowly getting pieces of what it would be like to be a software developer.

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Shair V. May 17 222 views

What is fun about being a software engineer?

What are some benefits and what is fun about this job.

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David B. May 03 208 views

Software Engineers; What was the first indicator you remember that made you seriously consider this job?

I'm researching the career for a class of mine and I was wondering when you realized that this job would be right for you. Was it something gradual or was it pretty obvious that you wanted to do this.

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David B. May 03 160 views

Software Engineers; Do you have an office you commute to, or do you strictly work from home.

I am researching for a class of mine and I was wondering this.

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Athena R. May 03 141 views

do you regret going into computer science?

for those who are software engineers- is there work life balance? is working on a computer for most of the day draining?

David B.’s Avatar
David B. Apr 29 118 views

Software Engineers; How much do you travel for your job?

I am researching this career for one of my classes, and I was wondering if you travel for it.

Wyatt P.’s Avatar
Wyatt P. Apr 27 206 views

A few questions about getting started as a Video Game Developer

I'm a freshman in high school and have some basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript languages. 1. What tools/coding languages do you recommend starting out as a game designer? 2. What is the hardest kind of challenge you have faced during development? 3. What is the best genre of game to start...

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Tushar M. Apr 26 261 views

what is the best language to start learning about coding is HTML a good language to start with

I am tushar student of 10 standard. I want to learn about coding I started with HTML and through which I found my passion for software development but is the right language because I don't want to excel in web development. Many people suggested me to learn about python should I learn that.

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Myles H. Apr 16 151 views

How much math does someone use daily in software engineering?

Some people say it's good to learn calculus for computer science, but why is that so? How much math is used in a day?

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Alexa D. Apr 06 134 views

What steps does someone take to bring a website from an idea into a fully fledged site accessible on the internet?

So I am about to graduate and I am familiar with how this works on cloud platforms. However, I am curious to know what you would need if hosting yourself and how you would source these things. E.g. domain name, server, etc. Basically, what would you consider your basic website checklist If...

Emily L.’s Avatar
Emily L. Mar 02 190 views

What should I consider to choose whether to study computer science or software engineering?

I want to program and develop software, applications, websites, video games. I would like to work in a company already fixed but independently develop and create my own things. #computer #technology #computer-software #software-engineering #software #science

Daniel G.’s Avatar
Daniel G. Feb 07 248 views

What is the best language to learn for a computer science career?

I am really interested in going into the field of work of a software engineer or somewhere in the IT department. I know that there are plenty of ways I can prepare for a job like that. I am wondering which language will help me most for the future. I also want to know which language would be...

Edwin Y.’s Avatar
Edwin Y. Feb 03 193 views

What is a day to day life like as a software engineer?


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Richard C. Feb 02 403 views

What is the salary range for a software engineer?

I am interested in learning the pay for jobs that are related to the computer science field. #software #engineering #software-engineering

"George" C. Dec 15, 2021 291 views

What is the best software for indie game developer?

#software #video-games #video-game-design #software-engineering

Ramiro H.’s Avatar
Ramiro H. Nov 17, 2021 439 views

Is it possible to become a full time software programmer at a tech company without a college degree?

#programming #computer-software #technology #software-engineering

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Albin L. Nov 02, 2021 206 views

What do you think is a good job that involves technology

#technology #software-engineering
- I'm very into games
- I'm a "twitch streamer"
- I like computers and keyboards

joshua R.’s Avatar
joshua R. Oct 25, 2021 186 views

How long does it typically take to develope a game?

Would you have to buy software or is it just difficult all together?
#video-games #software-engineering #computer

Zihao D.’s Avatar
Zihao D. Oct 05, 2021 209 views

What jobs are there that does a lot of coding?

I'm a senior in highschool that is taking AP computer science to learn about coding. #career #software-engineering

Canming S.’s Avatar
Canming S. Sep 16, 2021 262 views

What does a computer software engineer do?

#software #computer #computer-software #software-engineering #technology

Justin M.’s Avatar
Justin M. Sep 14, 2021 189 views

What are the best coding languages to learn with the highest paying jobs?

#coding #code #software-engineering

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Kamari B. Jul 30, 2021 367 views

I want to learn more about being an engineer

#engineering #engineer #software #math #software-engineering

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Yahel C. Jul 08, 2021 339 views

How learn more about software engineering?

I like the stuff like software systems, computers, and technology #technology #computer #software-engineering

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Kenneth H. Jun 24, 2021 682 views

How can I become software developer

I enjoy science and I find it perfect #software #technology #software-engineering

Ashwini S.’s Avatar
Ashwini S. Jun 18, 2021 1807 views

Is it better to do MTech integrated course in CSE (5 years) in VIT Vellore or B Tech course in CSE (4 years) in VIT Vellore to become a software engineer?

#engineering #software-engineering #software #technology #engineer

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Antonio N. May 20, 2021 285 views

What type of software is used to develop all games?

#software-engineering #development #software-development

Dariehl B.’s Avatar
Dariehl B. May 06, 2021 272 views

What are some good job careers that you can have without going to college ?

#first-job #software-engineering #job-market