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somkid L.’s Avatar
somkid L. Jun 23 162 views

What is the best path to a cybersecurity?

Receive my associate degrees in computer science this year and looking for a cyber security job in the future. Therefore I want to know the best way to this career path. Cybersecurity...


Rexford F.’s Avatar
Rexford F. Jun 15 203 views

How do I web developer?

Hi my name is Rexford, I’ve been doing web development for 3 years and I want to take it to the next level. technology programming software-engineer information-technology...


Brandon F.’s Avatar
Brandon F. May 20 154 views
jose H.’s Avatar
jose H. Feb 08 270 views

Getting my foot in the door of a I.T network admin job

I recently completed an associate degree in network administration with emphasis in windows systems, specifically in windows 10 and windows server 2016. The prequesites that were needed for me to complete the associate degree included general IT classes, security, and networks. I would like to...

windows technology it job-search networking systems field

omar M.’s Avatar
omar M. Oct 29, 2020 180 views

How to I become a computer IT Technician?

With the advancement of technology and computers the need for IT's has risen greatly and I was wondering what tools I need to study to become an IT. Is there anything I can do in high school to prepare for this job? computers IT...


Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Sep 17, 2020 779 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

professor college python3 it coding general classes school technology major career informationtechnology programming python scripting

Michael U.’s Avatar
Michael U. Aug 02, 2020 275 views

what is the best IT certification for a 55 year old with a high school education

Am 55 and I have previously worked as an Admin Assistant, Caregiver and a warehouse Associate. Am thinking of starting an IT career, which is the best one for me? careers...


Yuri G.’s Avatar
Yuri G. Jul 29, 2020 472 views

Are there jobs related to Complex Systems?

I've always been interested in complex systems, from network science to the study of emerging properties of multi agent systems. But at the moment I see complex systems more as a research field than a practical thing in the industry. Do you know if there are jobs related to complex systems?...

knowledge networks technology complexsystems it july20

Yuri G.’s Avatar
Yuri G. Jul 17, 2020 267 views

Will there be abroad remote Internships in 2020/2021?

Considering that the Covid situation won't end soon do you think there will be remote internships in the IT field? I think that this choice for IT companies should be really interesting because at least you don't have additional costs except the salary, so I'd like to hear your point of view...

internship it computerscience abroad july20

Aun M.’s Avatar
Aun M. Jun 30, 2020 427 views

Is there Anyway to Turn a Passion for Networking and IT into an Extracurricular for University Applications

In my sophomore year, I took a networking class, which got me really interested in IT. Although I'm going for software engineering, I would like to showcase my passion for IT one way or another in the form of a material achievement that can be used on my University applications. Any...

computer-networking college-admissions it university software-engineering

Rajat A.’s Avatar
Rajat A. Jun 25, 2020 1039 views

Can A Commerce Without Maths Student Opt For CEH course

What Are The Early Education Qualification Needed For Opting Hacking Course. hacking it...


Nikolas H.’s Avatar
Nikolas H. Jun 19, 2020 284 views
Sneha S.’s Avatar
Sneha S. May 11, 2020 923 views

Are internships or coops really important to get a job in software field?

Due to covid-19, I haven't secured a co-op or internship yet. I am a college student and I do not have any previous experience. Will this affect my job-search after I graduate? If yes, do you have any suggestions on what I can do to improve the chance of getting a job? software...

it technology developer

SURYA M.’s Avatar
SURYA M. May 07, 2020 490 views

how to know choose a career

I am undecided highschooler , interested in technology and computerscience but wouldlike to use them as tools... technology stem stem professional it...


Nancy O.’s Avatar
Nancy O. Apr 21, 2020 339 views

I want to finish college but...

I tried researching for scholarships, but I can not really trust any of them. I have so many time since I was in high school, now I'm a college student and I still haven't gotten any scholarships. My weakness when it comes to applying for scholarships is the essay part. I want to find a...

scholarship college money finacialsupport housing financial-aid college-admissions technology it informationtechnology

Curt L.’s Avatar
Curt L. Apr 20, 2020 398 views

Reading and learning the material from a book is easy but what is the best way to get practical IT experience, particularly in the realm of network administration and cyber security?

I'm currently enrolled in a cyber security degree program and would like to eventually make the jump from the military to IT. As I am currently not in an IT career field, I find it hard to imagine being able to get the practical experience in order to transition comfortably. IT...

cybersecurity information-technology

oluwakemi F.’s Avatar
oluwakemi F. Feb 11, 2020 261 views

Where in Ibadan,Oyo state can I apply for IT

Am jovial,cool and friendly business...


Rene M.’s Avatar
Rene M. Nov 22, 2019 349 views
Sofia G.’s Avatar
Sofia G. Nov 08, 2019 292 views

How much training did you need to be a health info technician?

IT informationtechnology healthcare training health info technician High school student researching health info technicians. Give short, simple answer. Thank you!...

Sofia G.’s Avatar
Sofia G. Nov 08, 2019 255 views

What companies involve health information technicians?

High school student doing research on health info technicians. IT health...


Sofia G.’s Avatar
Sofia G. Nov 08, 2019 294 views

What is the job outlook for a health information technician?

I am a high school student with IT exploratory. I have to do a project on IT careers and I was assigned health info technician. health healthcare IT...


Omar D.’s Avatar
Omar D. Nov 08, 2019 375 views