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How much training did you need to be a health info technician?

#it #informationtechnology #healthcare #training #health #info #technician High school student researching health info technicians. Give short, simple answer. Thank you!...

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What companies involve health information technicians?

High school student doing research on health info technicians. #it #health...


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What is the job outlook for a health information technician?

I am a high school student with IT exploratory. I have to do a project on IT careers and I was assigned health info technician. #health #healthcare #it...


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Do you work in groups or by yourself?

#data scientist #it...


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What is the day in the life for a health information technician?

I'm in IT class right now and our assignment is to research an IT career, mine is a health information technician. I'd like to know what usually goes on in the field. #healthinformation #healthcare #it #informationtechnology #technician #daily...


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How did you become interested in your current career path

Npower student at Harlem location learning basic IT Fundamentals. #technology...


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What surprised you the most about your field once you enter the workforce?

Currently in enrolled in a work training program for I.T called NPower. #npower...


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What was the most significant challenge that you faced in your career that taught you the most?

I'm an NPower student at the AM class at our Harelm Site. A young professional looking to go into the Cyber Security field....


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Was a degree of any sort necessary for you to obtain your current position ?

I am a IT student currently studying for certifications within the field....


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what is the tuition cost to go to lake area?

diesel technologyy #technology...


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Just wondering for you IT folks out there.

What do you like the most about your job and what do you least like about your job? Are there some jobs in IT that I may want to look into? What would you recommend I do at this point to get into the IT field? #it #career-counseling...


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What are current job prospects like in technology?

This will help me think about what careers I might want to focus on. What are some of the areas where job prospects are strong? Are jobs more common in some areas? Where is demand for workers much higher than supply? Thank you! #technology #it [This question was updated by an admin for...

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Which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager (Product Owner) role?

Hey there, Please advise, which carrier path in your opinion, normally leads to the IT Product Manager role? And what is the further carrier path options available for IT Product Manager? What are the key competence required for Product Manager role? Thank you. #it #productmanager...

#carrierpath #carrier #management #itproductmanager

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I want to do some volunteer work in IT industry.

Because of a gap, I want to get some volunteer to come back and catch up with my knowledge. Please guide me for the same. #rejoin #career...


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Dentistry or Computer engineering

Hello I was wondering what major is better (Makes more money, wouldn't need much time to find a suting job opportunity)etc.. I have 2 majors in mind (Dentistry & Computer engineering) I'd love Dentistry because of 1: I can make my own clinic 2: I am my own boss 3.I am pretty good in...

#medicine #majors #it #computer-engineer #engineering #computer #dentistry #computer-software

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IT engineer.

How much does it pay. #it #engineering...


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What's the best computer science profession to pursue?

Should I go for computer programming, IT, computer technician, or anything else? I love working with computers and I'm not sure which one is the most fun or best paying. #computers #technology...