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Career Questions tagged It

Jordan’s Avatar
Jordan Mar 16 66 views

How would I start my career in IT?

As a college student working in a admin job. I have no prior experience in IT. Where would I start to get an entry level job in IT.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 27 153 views

What are some software skills I should be familiar with as an Information Security Engineer?

What programs or software should I get myself acquainted with when it comes to being an Information Security Engineer?

Allyson’s Avatar
Allyson Feb 22 226 views

What are some helpful high school classes or PSEO classes to take for careers in the science and technology fields?

I am interested in computer programming and possibly starting my own business in technology/computing.

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 30 166 views

Which steps have you taken in order to become an information security analyst?

I understand that you need to at least have a bachelor's degree for the most part to fill this role, but I'm curious about how you went about furthering your career from the ground up to the career. Did you take another entry level job? Because I understand that a lot of companies require their...

Vivek’s Avatar
Vivek Dec 18, 2022 222 views

How I can became software developer if I am from commerce stream because at first I want my college degree from B.CA but unfortunately I have only IT as a optional subject and I don't have MATHS so please guide me ?

I score 75 percent in my 10 grade
At present I learn JAVA as it is included in 12 grade

Aidan’s Avatar
Aidan Dec 13, 2022 151 views

How would I get into the cybersecurity field?

I don't really know what I want to do and I think CyberSecurity seems cool.

Mohammed’s Avatar
Mohammed Dec 09, 2022 223 views

What job should I attempt to go for as a new Cybersecurity student?

Hi I'm new at UTS, and really would like to start of with a few jobs related within the Cybersecurity field. Any recommendations for someone who hasn't worked much in their lives would be much appreciated 🙂.

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 231 views

What file type should I use for my online resume and how many pages should it be?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

Adonis’s Avatar
Adonis Nov 21, 2022 244 views

How many pages should my resume be? What style should I format my resume in? What file type should I use for my online resume?

I have been wondering about these two questions for a while and would like professional answers, thank you kindly.

Trenity’s Avatar
Trenity Oct 11, 2022 461 views

Psychiatry and IT...

Do psychiatrists use IT skills at all? If so, what specific skills might be necessary? Are there any certifications that might be useful for the career path?

gian’s Avatar
gian Sep 07, 2022 334 views

how stressful is being a computer and information system manager and whats the best part?

trying to learn more

Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Aug 10, 2022 339 views

What is the best associates degree to get before getting a bachelor's degree in cybersecurity?

Both my younger brother and sister want to earn their associate's degree in cybersecurity, However, I'm concerned that they will be unable to find jobs after graduating with only their associate's degree. I've researched cybersecurity jobs, and discovered that most, if not all require at least...

Leviticus’s Avatar
Leviticus May 26, 2022 388 views

One career goal of mine is to work for a famous tech company like apple or samsung.

I think I could reach this goal within the next few years.

James’s Avatar
James May 04, 2022 365 views

What is the best part of being a Information Security Analyst?

Need more information on this.

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Apr 27, 2022 333 views

do you have to travel a lot Computer and Information Systems Managers

i am trying to get more info about this job

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Apr 27, 2022 312 views

what is the starting money you can make from this job Computer and Information Systems Managers

i am trying to get more info about this job

kyle’s Avatar
kyle Apr 27, 2022 294 views

what is the best pathway so you are not lost trying to get a job Computer and Information Systems Managers

i am trying to get more info about this job

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 22, 2022 337 views

How can I increase my connections in IT?

I'd like to increase my connections in IT to learn more about other people's experiences and have someone to go to in the future in case I need any advice or help.

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jan 13, 2022 859 views

What is it like to work as a Network Systems Administrator?

I'm already enrolled into Job Corps and am going to work on completing my programs in customer service, computer technician and network administrator advanced program while earning my COMPTIA A+ and CCNA certification within three years. I am an aspiring network systems administrator for a...

André’s Avatar
André Jan 11, 2022 429 views

Where do I start with getting into the IT career path?

#it specialists

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Oct 28, 2021 330 views

What should I expect from choosing the IT/tech career path?

#IT #Technology #Career

Niyaaz’s Avatar
Niyaaz Aug 06, 2021 440 views

What are the careers which are in demand and has a good remuneration now and in the future

#electrical engineering #engineering

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Jun 23, 2021 630 views

What is the best path to a cybersecurity?

Receive my associate degrees in computer science this year and looking for a cyber security job in the future. Therefore I want to know the best way to this career path.


Rexford’s Avatar
Rexford Jun 15, 2021 392 views

How do I web developer?

Hi my name is Rexford, I’ve been doing web development for 3 years and I want to take it to the next level. #technology #programming #software-engineer #information-technology #it

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 20, 2021 531 views

Which branch of military would be better for me working in IT. The Army or the Marines?

High school graduate. Military career. IT career
#army #marines #IT

Dariehl’s Avatar
Dariehl May 06, 2021 331 views

What should I be prepared for when I work in the zoology field

#zoology #i love animals #wildlife-biology #animal-work #it's a must

jose’s Avatar
jose Feb 08, 2021 449 views

Getting my foot in the door of a I.T network admin job

I recently completed an associate degree in network administration with emphasis in windows systems, specifically in windows 10 and windows server 2016. The prequesites that were needed for me to complete the associate degree included general IT classes, security, and networks. I would like to...

omar’s Avatar
omar Oct 29, 2020 375 views

How to I become a computer IT Technician?

With the advancement of technology and computers the need for IT's has risen greatly and I was wondering what tools I need to study to become an IT. Is there anything I can do in high school to prepare for this job? #computers #IT #technician

Nancy’s Avatar
Nancy Sep 17, 2020 1377 views

Why programming with python 3 so hard?

I'm finally taking a scripting class, and I realize programming is not for me. it's funny how I was passionate to learn about it, now I realize that it is really hard. I really want to understand it, but using the required website for my class called "ZyBooks", It's not helping me...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Aug 02, 2020 450 views

what is the best IT certification for a 55 year old with a high school education

Am 55 and I have previously worked as an Admin Assistant, Caregiver and a warehouse Associate. Am thinking of starting an IT career, which is the best one for me? #careers #IT