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Nikolas H. Jun 19 123 views

How does one get a job in IT?

I currently study python in high school. #it...


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Mitchell H. Apr 07 174 views

What is the best way to get into private security.

I am working a base level security job and want to further myself into a very professional environment. #security #private...

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tony G. Mar 06 112 views

How often do the employees get evaluated? what benefits does the company offer?what are the daily duties on the job?

#career #security I am 18 years old, I was born in Yap. I am currently enrolled in Job Corps so I can advance in my career. I am passionate about the Security work force. I want to be able to monitor and maintain properties to keep people and companies...

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Do you ever feel stressed out?

I understand it can get boring, but does it ever feel overwhelming?...


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Hayden B. Sep 09, 2019 194 views

What additional skills and strengths do I need for a career in security?

Hi my name is Hayden B. I'm a student at Glen Rose HS, I am a freshmen. I'm interested in a career in security. I'm skills include working outside, hard worker, taking orders. In my spare time I workout. What additional skills would I need?...


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Nate F. Sep 05, 2019 153 views

How long will it take to get a degree in security?

I like to skate and workout. I enjoy music, animals, sports. In the future I want to have a profession in security. Like Animal control, lifeguard, environment security or Transportation security....


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Brennan H. Feb 01, 2019 141 views

What sort of traits to companies look for in their employees in this field?

What sort of things should i work on as i am learning about the field?...


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Tyonna T. Jan 23, 2019 182 views
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Anastazia R. Apr 22, 2018 261 views

How competitive are college homeland security programs?

The security of our nation is extremely important to me, and I am interested in studying homeland security in college. I get good grades, so I likely wont have too much trouble being accepted into a school. But I have heard that some degree programs are more competitive than others for...

#law-enforcement #government #competition #programs #homeland-security #security

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Catherine N. Apr 03, 2018 705 views

Is computer science really that high demand?

Everyone always says that computer science is a quickly growing field. However, does this mean I should pursue computer science and be guaranteed job security? #job...


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Wanita J. Apr 20, 2017 705 views

How do you effectively choose between jobs if your're granted the opportunity to be hired at both?

This is still hypothetical for me personally because I have an interview for both companies on the same day next week. However, I am anxious about every aspect of this. I have already had my preliminary phone interview with both companies and I am a bit more confident with both. The best case...

#interviews #job #career-decisions #marketing #security

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Casey H. Oct 26, 2016 725 views

What states have the largest emerging cybersecurity field?

Im looking to go where I will be able to collaborate with the mosst amount of professionals in my field and make the most money, what states am i most likely to achieve that in? #cyber-security #security...


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Ariel H. Oct 19, 2016 550 views

Is it best to take the path of Business Cyber Security or under Computer Science Cyber Security?

During a college visit at UTSA, one element of cyber security was under the umbrella of the School of Business. The other was under the umbrella of Computer Sciene. Which would you recommend as the best path to follow? #business #science #computer #security...


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Ariel H. Oct 19, 2016 596 views

I want to be a cyber security guru, however; the cost of tuition is extravagant. How did you avoid becoming discouraged?

I have pretty much settled on 3 universities that I am very interested in attending. Each one is more expensive than the other. My parents cannot afford to pay the $200,000 tuition costs. The underpriviledged have federal aid and grants that do not have to be repaid. The wealthy have deep...

#computer #cyber #science #security

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Hannah C. Aug 17, 2016 594 views

what should im study in high school if I want to work in the CIA or become a police?

I want to know what are good classes to take in school when I can. #police-officer #security...


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Cynthia P. May 19, 2016 478 views

Should I major in general biology or a specific branch of biology?

I want to major in biology, but I am unsure of whether I should keep it general or choose something such as cell biology or human biology. Would general biology be a better choice in terms of finding a job in the sense that it can be applied to a vast variety of jobs as opposed to a specific...

#career-path #major #specialization #college #biology #security

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PRIYA G. May 11, 2016 600 views

I am studying in 12th . I want to become a Lawyer. Tell me how shoud i work for it ?

I am very ambitious to become lawyer while i was in 11th. #security #3d-modeling...


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Jessica J. Mar 09, 2016 861 views

Is data analytics a big piece of the airline/aviation industry? What kinds of jobs are options for me?

My mom keeps telling me that I should get a job in analytics but I'm not even sure I know what that means in terms of the actual jobs I would get. Can you help me understand what exactly that is and what I would be doing in that kind of a role at Cathay Pacific? This question was posted by a...

#airline-industry #aviation #airport-security #security