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Career Questions tagged Security

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Derek Sep 23 28 views

Is being a security guard difficult?

The reason I ask you if this job is hard is because I dont like things given to me easily .

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Derek Sep 23 50 views

does security job really make you happy?

The reason i asked many people this question is because people go to school for years to not be happy with a job they do not like.

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Lucas Sep 23 22 views

Can you describe your company culture?

To understand the company's values, management, leadership styles, and the approach in which they take to solve challenges and treating their employees in that particular occupation.

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Lucas Sep 23 39 views

Why did you decide to work in this industry?

My goal is to gain a better understanding of what other people think about an industry before I choose a career

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Lucas Sep 23 23 views

What benefits come with this career?

401 K, Health Insurance, Paid Holidays, Paid Medical leave, Paid Sick Leave, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Identity Protection, financial resources, Financial Hardship Programs, Flexible Scheduling, Disability Insurance

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David Sep 14 89 views

I'm interested in becoming a security guard. What can I expect?

what consequences should i expect being a security guard?

what type of training would i require to become armed security?

How can i adapt to any environment while being a security guard?

Thanks for answering!

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Christopher Sep 09 102 views

How do you deal with problems in your day to day as a security officer? What steps did you to take afterwards?

I am currently in the process of studying to be a security guard and I want to know what will I have to do when a problem occur and how to resolve them, along with what steps do I have to take afterwards.

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Christopher Sep 09 132 views

What do you enjoy most about being in the profession of security or military?

What part of the process of being in Security or the Military do you enjoy most? And how well does it reflect into your normal day to day life and what skills can you pick up from it that you don't already have?

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Sep 09 123 views

What type of desk job can I find? And what is the entry into getting that job?

What type of security job or military job allows you to work a desk job or be inside of an office? And what is the entry point of education I need to enter into that field of work?

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chris Sep 07 79 views

3. What rewards do security work gets you ????

I want really good benefits and bonus!!!

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chris Sep 07 70 views

2.whats the typical schedule for security work????

Night shift or day shift weekends???

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joshua Sep 01 84 views

do you ever feel stressed out or have body aches while on the clock for a security position

i know that most security jobs work about 8-12 hrs a day, i was wondering if standing for that long takes a toll on your body/ overal health ?

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joshua Aug 31 58 views

what additional skills and do i need for a career in security?

my name is joshua i am a student at job corps. im interested in a career in skills include working outside, hard worker. in my spare time i workout. what skills do i need for security.

joshua’s Avatar
joshua Aug 31 55 views

do you expect hiring for Security Managers in the region to increase,decrease or stay the same over the next few years.

i am intrested in becoming a security manager. what advice would you be able to give me.

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Natilius Aug 26 85 views

What can I do to ensure a higher position?

What ways can I climb the corporate ladder in a security job?

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Natilius Aug 26 136 views

How difficult is security?

I've been told it's easy by others, however I want to know what they mean by easy? Because I highly doubt it would be as simple as walking about aimlessly.

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Natilius Aug 26 124 views

Could I live my life with a security salary?

Would a career in security ensure I live a moderately comfortable and financially secure life?

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David Aug 23 102 views

How to become a CIA agent?

Hi I’m David, I was thinking about what requirements do people join the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Nicole Jun 10 186 views

What are the main responsibilities as a Immigration And Customs Inspector?

Do they change constantly? If they do, How you adapt to them? Are the responsibilities stressful?

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Joseph Jun 07 185 views

what is the hardest obstacle in armed/unarmed security? How do you over come that obstacle?

interested in security and wanting to learn more about this field. What certificates are recommended and/or needed.

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kavon Jun 02 135 views

Whats a typical day being a security analysis?

The reason I had asked this because I was trying to see what its like being a security analysis

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Corvon May 31 113 views

What are the average pay of a security guard

Im interesting on the amount they pay .

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Nicole May 31 118 views

What do you like more of being a Immigration And Customs Inspector ?

Reasons that you like to do on your job. What made you choose this career? Do you like the work environment ?

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vincent May 31 104 views

what is the highest level education for homeland security?

do you just need a high school diploma and ged or do you have to go to college for years?

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vincent May 31 78 views

how many different positions are there in homeland security?

is homeland security one job or are their different parts to this job.

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James Apr 29 191 views

Information Security Analyst

What is the most money you can make as a Information Security Analyst? Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst? How much work is involved with being a Information Security Analyst? Is there any travel in being a Information Security Analyst What do you like about being a...

Jerry’s Avatar
Jerry Apr 12 178 views

What skills, training, or certification do I need to get started in a career for network security

I'm looking for a way to get a career in networking security but I just don't know where or how to start do I need to look for an internship for networking or something?

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keyuni Dec 17, 2021 285 views

What inspired you to be a security guard?

What gave you the motivation to pursue this career. #career-paths #homeland #security

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keyuni Dec 17, 2021 255 views

What education do you need to be a security guard?

What education is needed or required now and for the future. #career #education #homeland #security

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keyuni Dec 17, 2021 170 views

What do you have to do on a day to day bases to be fit as a security guard?

I need to know what physical practices I have to maintain as a security guard. #physical #security #homeland