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Career Questions tagged Security Guard

Thea’s Avatar
Thea Sep 23, 2022 89 views

what do you like most and the least about working as a security guard?

I'm asking because i wanna make sure this is a right fit for me and so i make the right decision.

David’s Avatar
David Sep 14, 2022 334 views

I'm interested in becoming a security guard. What can I expect?

what consequences should i expect being a security guard?

what type of training would i require to become armed security?

How can i adapt to any environment while being a security guard?

Thanks for answering!

Natilius’s Avatar
Natilius Aug 26, 2022 223 views

How difficult is security?

I've been told it's easy by others, however I want to know what they mean by easy? Because I highly doubt it would be as simple as walking about aimlessly.