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Career Questions tagged Armed Forces

Seth’s Avatar
Seth Mar 25 312 views

What's it like welding in the military?

I am interested in becoming a military welder

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jan 24, 2019 686 views

What can I do to become a fighter pilot?

I'm trying to prepare to become a fighter pilot. Either in the Air Force or Marines. I understand the process to become one, but what can I do to prepare? What subjects can I take in high school? What degree would be best to take while in college? #airline-industry #navy #military #pilot...

Gretchen’s Avatar
Gretchen Apr 24, 2018 632 views

Will there be a World War III and will incoming college students be impacted?

We live in a scary world and war looks like it is going to happen. I am afraid for all my guy friends if they get drafted. #social-impact #military #army #armed-forces #united-states-navy #air-force

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Mar 18, 2018 387 views

I enlisted into the Army National Guard before my senior year, I will be attending college in Spring 2019. Once I graduate from an university, I want to run for political office. As a Citizen-Soldier, is there anything I need to do before I can do that?

#politics #ARNG #army #armed-forces

Sadie’s Avatar
Sadie Jan 03, 2018 521 views

What do I need to do to get into the Naval Academy?

I've always wanted to me in the military but I don't exactly know how to. What types of grades do I need to get?
#military #naval-academy #navy #armed-forces

Syed’s Avatar
Syed Jun 22, 2016 733 views

I want to build my career in Army. What should I do after class X?

I am a class 10 student. I want to serve myself to my country. So my ambition is to become an Army officer. #military #army #us-army-military #armed-forces #arm

Shaik’s Avatar
Shaik Jun 22, 2016 588 views

Can anyone provide me information about TES in army?

Can anyone provide me information about TES in army? #military #army #us-army-military #armed-forces #arm