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Career Questions tagged Air Force

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Nov 06 217 views

What should I do to get ready for the Air or Space Force?

What should I be able to physically withstand? I'm interested in becoming in astronautical engineer in either force.

What are the steps to get into the each force?

What soft and hard skills will I need ?

Classes to take in high school and college to prepare?

xavier’s Avatar
xavier Nov 03 110 views

Which is more rewarding? (Army/Airforce Pilots)

Which is more rewarding a pilot in the army or the air force?

And which one, with enough experience can transfer to civilian life from the military easily?

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Oct 26 105 views

Are there a lot of scholarships for pilots in the military?

Any suggestions?

evelyn’s Avatar
evelyn Sep 29 107 views

What's a good job in the airforce?

What jobs in the air force are high paying not as a pilot but someone that travels often using your hands more.

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Sep 29 135 views

how to be a military chef?

How hard is it for someone with autism to become a military chef, and how long would it take to acheive that goal?

Ishmael’s Avatar
Ishmael May 03 455 views

What has your experience in the military been like?

Someone who is in the military how has it affected your life in 20 years?

jake’s Avatar
jake Apr 29 204 views

What is your least favorite thing about your job?

What things o you dislike about being an air traffic controller?

jake’s Avatar
jake Apr 27 160 views

What would a typical day for an air traffic controller be?

I would like to know what the day to day activities of this job would be.

Kirill’s Avatar
Kirill Apr 26 334 views

I want to become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) in the US Air Force and I have some questions.

1. To become an ATC, do I need to simply enlist, or do I need to go to ROTC or the Air Force Academy? 2. What training is required to get the job? 3. Do you think that computers and other machines will soon make the job more automatic? 4. What are some tips that can help someone on the job?...

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Feb 20 236 views

What are some ways to really standout when applying to the Air Force Academy?


Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie May 20, 2021 548 views

How do I become a Security Forces Officer in the Air Force


angelica’s Avatar
angelica Nov 04, 2020 224 views

what is the main difference between being in the air force medical field compared to just being in the hospital ?

i want to be in the air force medical field but i don’t know how actually different the environment/ schedule works. what are the key differences ? #air-force

Shawanda’s Avatar
Shawanda Oct 02, 2020 310 views

What are the best Career options available in the Air Force?


mathew’s Avatar
mathew Oct 01, 2020 408 views

What is the highest paying job I can get in the US air force that does not require a collage degree.

I am planning on completing JROTC, graduating high school, and joining the us air force, however, I do not want to go through collage. #military #air-force

Priya’s Avatar
Priya Oct 01, 2020 4077 views

After 10th which course have value and jobs

After completing 10th I would like to have diploma course i want to know which course has more scope #air-force #robotics #any

Keaton’s Avatar
Keaton Nov 05, 2019 350 views

Should I go to the Air Force?

#air-force #Culinary-arts

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Aug 30, 2019 382 views

What are the benefits of going into the Air Force?

I am 20 years old and I plan on going into the military once I am done with carpentry in my trade school and I want to know the benefits of being in the Air Force. #military #air-force

lili’s Avatar
lili Aug 27, 2019 485 views

How can I gain experience before joining the military?

I am in 11th grade, 16 years old.
#mil #military #army #navy #air-force #college #educator

lili’s Avatar
lili Aug 27, 2019 397 views

How can I gain experience before joining the military?

I am in 11th grade, 16 years old.
#mil #military #army #navy #air-force #college #educator

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 03, 2019 318 views

what stepwise planning i should doo persue my career as adental officer at government sectors like defence or army or airforce?

I m persuing my BDS degree currently nd wld do my internship soon...would like suggesti
ns on how to start and approach
what exams I shld prepare for
how shld I prepare myself for further #government #indian airforce #army ...# defence #india #air-force

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Apr 16, 2019 542 views

Are ACT Prep Classes really that helpful?

I need an ACT score of at least 30 to get into a military academy. From my PSAT score, I'll probably get a 28. Will an ACT Prep class actually raise my score by two points or more? Thanks! #college #military #military #act #art #physics #air-force #navy #marines #theater #act #career #test...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Apr 16, 2019 633 views

Debate vs AP Literature and Composition

In my school instead of a Language Arts Class, you can take Debate. Would it be better to be on Debate and the Debate team, or should I stick with a hard class like APLAC? I also have the option of taking college English or Business Communications. What's the option for college applications?...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Apr 15, 2019 598 views

Police Explorer Program or Civil Air Patrol?

I'm trying to decide on which after school program I should. I don't want to take both since I already have a job, and I plan on taking a lot of AP classes, and joining athletics teams. After high school, first, I'm going to get a mechanical engineering degree, with an emphasis on either...

Christian’s Avatar
Christian Jan 24, 2019 690 views

What can I do to become a fighter pilot?

I'm trying to prepare to become a fighter pilot. Either in the Air Force or Marines. I understand the process to become one, but what can I do to prepare? What subjects can I take in high school? What degree would be best to take while in college? #airline-industry #navy #military #pilot...

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Aug 14, 2018 480 views

What's the best college to go to for getting a private pilots license?

#flying #privatepilot #flying-industry #pilot # #air-force #aviation #colleges #Texas

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Aug 14, 2018 601 views

What's the best study material for becoming a pilot?

#aviation #airline-industry #pilot #air-force #airplane #study-materials

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jun 20, 2018 1181 views

How much does a major in the air force make?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #salary #pay...

Gretchen’s Avatar
Gretchen Apr 24, 2018 634 views

Will there be a World War III and will incoming college students be impacted?

We live in a scary world and war looks like it is going to happen. I am afraid for all my guy friends if they get drafted. #social-impact #military #army #armed-forces #united-states-navy #air-force

haven’s Avatar
haven Mar 26, 2018 807 views

Does the Air force or the Navy have better benefits?

I have been debating on whether or not I should join the military. If I did I would either join the Air force or the Navy. they both will give me great benefits for college and for my career field aeronautical engineering.
#air-force #navy #us-navy #military

Keo’s Avatar
Keo Mar 19, 2018 574 views

How do I train myself to meet the physical requirements in the Air Force?

I know that I am not physically ready to be in the Air Force, there is a physical test to pass in order to get in. I want to know what kinds of things I should do to train myself to get better in my physical fitness. #air-force #physical #athletic-training