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Career Questions tagged Flying

cecilia’s Avatar
cecilia Jan 12 193 views

Would you recommend becoming a commercial pilot?

which aspects of your job is your favorite? Which aspects of your job do you not like?

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Avya May 17, 2021 666 views

How much does it cost to become a cadet pilot?

In India , cadet pilot training .
How much does it cost ?
Which airlines have scholarship ? #airplane #pilot #scholarship #cadet- #military training #flying

Avya’s Avatar
Avya May 11, 2021 249 views

Can you guide me to become a pilot in India

I want to become a pilot . My family & me are not having a complete guided idea in pilot course .
Can you please guide me to become a pilot
I'm currently in 10th class . I want to know want to do next to become a pilot in India .
#becomingpilot #flying #airplane #commercial-pilot

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Cherlyn Mar 12, 2021 566 views

how hard is it to become a pilot?

#pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane #aviation #pilots #flights #flying

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carter Aug 27, 2020 396 views

what college should i go to to be a pilot

#pilot #commercial-pilot #flying

Connor’s Avatar
Connor Aug 14, 2018 519 views

What's the best college to go to for getting a private pilots license?

#flying #privatepilot #flying-industry #pilot # #air-force #aviation #colleges #Texas

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haven Mar 26, 2018 1068 views

How much do aeronautical engineers make on average?

I am planning on getting a degree in aeronautical engineering because I have always been curious about aircrafts. I was just wondering what their salary was.
#engineering #math #science #flying

Neilson’s Avatar
Neilson Nov 23, 2017 839 views

If you are an Aircraft mechanic can you fly planes?

I am asking this question because i want to go in the #aviation field of aircraft #mechanic and i love the idea of #flying #planes too. #aircraft-mechanic #general-aviation

mario’s Avatar
mario May 04, 2016 1696 views

How many years do you have to study to become a pilot?

Hopefully I can get it done in 4 years or so #pilot #airplane #flying

mario’s Avatar
mario May 04, 2016 1861 views

What are the requirements to get into West Point?

I was wondering if you actually have to join the military to attend or if you can go, get the experience, and get out #military #flying

mario’s Avatar
mario May 04, 2016 680 views

What are the top 5 schools to become an airplane pilot?

Is the best way to join the military? #airplane #flying

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden May 14, 2015 1040 views

What do I do after high school if I want to be a pilot? Should I still go to college?

Hallo! My name is Aiden and I am a sophomore at Summit Prep #college #high-school #travel #flying

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Rodney Apr 08, 2015 1069 views

I was wondering how much a commercial airline pilot makes annually on average?

I would like to be a pilot. i want to know if being a pilot will benefit me financially. #pilot #airplane #flying

Martin’s Avatar
Martin Mar 04, 2014 1756 views

For any commercial pilots, what is one piece of advice you would give to a young pilot?

I'm 16 and am very close to my first solo flight and I plan to have my private pilot's certificate by the end of this year. I want to eventually become a commercial pilot, and I'm having a tough time deciding where I should go to college and what I should major in to make this possible. Any...