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Avya T. May 17 63 views
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Can you guide me to become a pilot in India

I want to become a pilot . My family & me are not having a complete guided idea in pilot course . Can you please guide me to become a pilot I'm currently in 10th class . I want to know want to do next to become a pilot in India . #becomingpilot #flying #airplane...


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Brady B. Nov 05, 2020 117 views

I am in 9th grade, and I am interested in many career choices. The one that has me the most intrigued is an Air Force Pilot. My question is, what would a day in the life of a fighter pilot be like?

In school, I am most interested in Math, Science, and Language Arts. Some of my hobbies include, sports, playing guitar, hunting, fishing, and playing video games. A topic that I am passionate about is that of Aviation, and Aeronautical Engineering. I have an idea of what I want to do ( USAF...

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Andrew S. Jul 26, 2019 623 views

What is daily life for working Federal Air Marshal ?

What do Federal Air Marshal do everyday? do they tend working with FBI or DHS for collecting the information? or They just get in airplane and just stare at people try to catch them? Also, ( I not try to get you to dig deeper about Air Marshal that can be helpful for terrorists), Do you/your...

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Jack C. Apr 03, 2017 1608 views

What electives should I take if I want to be a commercial pilot for a big company like Delta, AA, etc. somewhere in the future?

I am in 8th grade and I want to be a commercial pilot. My choice for electives are coming up and I want some advice from someone on which electives I should take. At the moment, I am in the level 1 (advanced) classes for both English and Algebra 1. I will be taking Geometry Honors next year as...

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Paul N. Mar 08, 2017 1269 views

I'm interested in becoming a Aircraft Mechanic but there are a few things holding me back

As title states.. So i'm really interested and excited going into this unique field. I've read some other people's experience about the job but what really concerns is the part of the night shifts and relocating. I don't mind doing night shifts in the early career but around how long does it...

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Ockeem L. Feb 23, 2017 623 views

Is the military a good place to start your career of becoming a pilot.

I have been presented with the chance of going but i wounder if its a good choice. #airline-industry #pilot #commercial-pilot...


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Kaylee S. Feb 16, 2017 679 views

Are their any programs for wannabe pilots?

I'm looking to either shadow a pilot or intern, but I wanted to know if their were any programs for wannabe pilots for High School students that I could join. If not, where would I start to begin shadowing a pilot? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane...


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Rodney A. Apr 08, 2015 794 views

I was wondering how much a commercial airline pilot makes annually on average?

I would like to be a pilot. i want to know if being a pilot will benefit me financially. #pilot #airplane...


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Trevor L. Jan 13, 2015 21646 views

What are the benefits of being an aircraft mechanic?

I am considering getting my A&P certificate and want to know why I should invest in the training. #aircraft #airplane...