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Are their any programs for wannabe pilots?

I'm looking to either shadow a pilot or intern, but I wanted to know if their were any programs for wannabe pilots for High School students that I could join.

If not, where would I start to begin shadowing a pilot?
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3 answers

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Andrei’s Answer

Hello Kaylee! I have never heard of any such programs. You have to remember that a pilot has a pretty demanding job that requires a lot of concentration, and a cockpit is usually not build to hold extra non essential personnel. There is also the security concerns, which would make such programs very difficult.
When I was in High School, I wanted to be a pilot as well. So, I walked into the nearest flight school I could find and started taking flying lessons and working towards my private pilot license. Instead of shadowing a pilot, why not just train to be one? If you are not sure that piloting is a good career choice for you, a couple of flying lessons would go a long ways in helping you decide. I worked in a flight school for a while, and we have seen plenty of people take one lesson and never return. I introduced a friend of mine, who was a chemical and electrical engineer, to flying, after his first lesson, he walked into the nearest bank, took out a loan and flew every day. He is now flying a cargo 747 all over the world, and loving it. Some research into the subject is also highly recommended. Remember that there are various forms of aviation as well. A military pilot is going to be a little different than a commercial airliner pilot. A cargo or crop duster pilot is not worried about what the VIP in the back is thinking, like a corporate pilot might be. Also, are you interested more into airplanes or helicopters? Not to mention that drone piloting is also becoming very popular with the modern technology. Each different type of aviation is going to have its own set of challenges and rewards. Start with asking, what you want to do, and where do you see yourself going? After that, the path will become more clear.
Hope this helps, and good luck!

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Keith’s Answer

You can check your local airport for flight lessons (it can take $2000-5000 dollars for your private license, or for something cheap, you can even ask to tag along on a flight lessons (so you don't have to pay personally).

Also, there are various colleges around the country that offer flight training in addition to a general degree.

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Aldo’s Answer

Well, we have a lot Aviation Schools across the country. Now, if you are going to take this as a hobby, it's ok. Depend how much passion you have.