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Jesus G. Mar 08, 2016 9459 views

Is it possible to be an airplane pilot and a helicopter pilot at the same time? Can you make a living doing both?

How different is the training. Can I be licensed to fly both? I want to fly as much as I possibly can, so when I'm not in a helicopter flying, I want to be in plane...

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Landon W. Mar 08, 2016 634 views

Do aircraft maintenance technicians work for airlines, airports, or a different business entirely?

I'd love to learn more about being an aircraft mechanic. Who is your employeer and what was the hiring process like? Did you have to interview and go through a background check? Is it a strenuous hiring process? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students...

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Rasbin S. Apr 27, 2016 769 views

Can I still dream to full fill my dream? 😷😷😷

Actually I want to study aeronautics engineering ..But problem is I have taken biology as major and math as minor.Also my family economic condition is not so good so can I still read it or economic crisis will supress my dream..Any idea how much it cost to study it and can I get some...

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André F. May 18, 2016 637 views

What is the best possible path to become a professional pilot?

I want to know if taking a college aviation course is much better than attending a flight school. And if not, if it would bebetter to attend college doing another course and learning to fly in flight schools. #college #aviation...


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Ghaffarali R. May 19, 2016 639 views

Aerospace dynamics

What classes is a future aeronautical engineer required to take at a University of California? #aerospace #mechanical #aeronautics #premed #nasa #bio-chem #electrical-engineer...


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Kaylee S. Feb 16, 2017 651 views

Are their any programs for wannabe pilots?

I'm looking to either shadow a pilot or intern, but I wanted to know if their were any programs for wannabe pilots for High School students that I could join. If not, where would I start to begin shadowing a pilot? #aviation #pilot #commercial-pilot #airplane...


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Melissa A. Feb 17, 2017 616 views

Is it worth paying a decent amount of money to participate in a job fair?

I have an opportunity to attend a job fair, but for one day, the amount seems to be a little extreme. I just wanted to know are these expenses worth it considering the connections one may make. Especially when the job fair is Women in Aviation and my Master's degree is in Criminal Justice in...

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Ockeem L. Feb 24, 2017 643 views

What are some degrees that i could get that involves aviation?

I am consider what career path i would like to take on. #aviation #aviation-industry #commercial-aviation...


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Ockeem L. Feb 24, 2017 680 views

What would be a great career plan from someone perusing a career in aviation?

I am trying to figure out a great career plan for becoming a pilot. #aviation #pilot...


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Nathan M. Sep 01, 2017 412 views

Is it true that there is going to be or is a shortage of pilots?

I keep hearing from family, friends, etc that there is going to be or is a shortage of commercial pilots, just wondering if the demand is actually as severe as the truth. #aviation...


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Zackary G. Oct 23, 2020 82 views

If you become an Aerospace Engineer, are you assigned to a specific type of craft, or do the types of crafts differ for each project?

I am in 10th grade looking at potential careers. I have many thoughts going through my head on what occupation I want to go to college for. I really like those big jets, I think they are fascinating. Hope to one day pursue a career in enjoy. #aerospace...