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Can I still dream to full fill my dream? 😷😷😷

Updated Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal

Actually I want to study aeronautics engineering ..But problem is I have taken biology as major and math as minor.Also my family economic condition is not so good so can I still read it or economic crisis will supress my dream..Any idea how much it cost to study it and can I get some scholarships ? #professor #educator #physics #aerospace-engineering #aerospace #aeronautics #career-advice #educational-consulting

3 answers

Sarah’s Answer

Updated Netherlands

Hi Rasbin, we're always confronted with challenges, whether they're financial, emotional or otherwise. If you have a dream and your intuition tells you that this is the way to go - go for it! It will require hard work and determination like everything that we need to be successful, however very little in life is impossible, when you've set your mind to it. I'd recommend to seek for international opportunities to study abroad, as it enhances your life and cultural experience but also gives more options in regards to scholarships etc. I am not too familiar with this specific line of business, but I see your previous degrees as very complementary and I am sure good universities as well as later employers will embrace it. You can always find a part time job or take a student loan or both to cover the cost. It's your life, take it by it's core and I wish you the best of luck!

Wael’s Answer

Updated Redford Charter Township, Michigan

Rasbin, you need to work as hard as you can to achieve your dreams. I recommend you to ask your teachers because I am not familiar with the Nepali educational system. Hopefully they can switch you an engineering track/physics track with no time palatines. The sooner you do it the better. Regarding your family situation, I am sorry to hear that but I have faith that you would be able to over come it.

Aldo’s Answer

Updated Orange Park, Florida

Always the dreams come true in order to get your goals in the future, Aviation field is very interesting.