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Career Questions tagged Aerospace Engineering

Vaidehi S.’s Avatar
Vaidehi S. May 25 101 views

Is optics essential for aeronautics ?

So if we go for that then what are its benefits ?

Allwyn P.’s Avatar
Allwyn P. May 24 132 views

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Noah C.’s Avatar
Noah C. Apr 27 184 views

How much can you make as a aerospace engineer?

Which aerospace engineer jobs pay the most?

Noah C.’s Avatar
Noah C. Apr 27 168 views

How long does it take to be a aerospace engineer?

How many years of college?

Noah C.’s Avatar
Noah C. Apr 27 80 views

Best classes for aerospace engineering?

What high school classes and college classes should you take?

Noah C.’s Avatar
Noah C. Apr 26 249 views

What do you do as a aerospace engineer?

How many hours do you work in a day? What do you design, build and test?

Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Mar 31 121 views

What's some advice for an aspiring aerospace engineer?

Just got into UCSD for an aerospace engineering degree, any pointers would be great!

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Henry C. Mar 08 130 views

Whats a good place to study aerospace engineering online.

Hi, my name is Henry. I'm interested in space exploration and space related manufacturing. I like rockets the most. #space #aerospace-engineering

Henry C.’s Avatar
Henry C. Feb 24 180 views

what are chances of working on a large rocket part versus a small rocket part.

I like space and rocket building. I find building stuff to be interesting. #space #engineering

Daniel J.’s Avatar
Daniel J. Feb 10 191 views

Manufacturing skills that are helpful in a Aerospace careers

#aerospace-engineering #job #manufacturing #rocketry I'm wondering what kinds of skill-related to manufacturing, that you found you needed or were very helpful in any way to your career, and where to find further education. Things like manufacturing jet or rocket engine compressor/turbopump...

Wesley H.’s Avatar
Wesley H. Feb 02 163 views

What's companies or organizations hire aerospace engineers?

I don't know any other besides Boeing, Lockheed, and Northrop. #aerospace-engineering

Emily T.’s Avatar
Emily T. Jan 24 205 views

Would you recommend aerospace engineering?

I've recently had a newfound interest in aerospace engineering; however, I know it's a very challenging field to get into. Is there anything I should be warned about before following this path? Would anyone recommend this field?

#engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace

Lera H.’s Avatar
Lera H. Nov 29, 2021 260 views

What is your biggest regret as a mechanical engineer?

#mechanical-engineering #engineering #mechanical-engineer #engineer #aerospace-engineering

Danil V.’s Avatar
Danil V. Oct 05, 2021 223 views

How do I approach getting a job in aerospace engineering?

I want to have a job in aerospace engineering where I can help design and build space/aircraft but I don't know where to start in pursuing that. Where should I start with educations, what fields should I specifically look into?
#aerospace-engineering #mechanical #engineering

Wesley H.’s Avatar
Wesley H. Oct 05, 2021 195 views

What career paths can I take if I decide to major in aerospace engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #aerospace

trevor W.’s Avatar
trevor W. Sep 28, 2021 201 views

how is the workflow divided at this job?

I am an aspiring designer/engineer
and know basic rocketry/areonaughtical/areospace and
materials engineering
#engineering #space #Aerospace

Matthew C.’s Avatar
Matthew C. Sep 15, 2021 343 views

What are some pros and cons of aerospace engineering as a career?

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineering

Matthew C.’s Avatar
Matthew C. Sep 15, 2021 161 views

How would you describe a "typical" workday? How enjoyable is a day?


Danil V.’s Avatar
Danil V. Sep 14, 2021 159 views

How do I find jobs for a career I want, where do I look?

I want to be an aerospace engineer so I can design machines and vehicles that will enter the upper atmosphere and maybe even space itself.

Andreas G.’s Avatar
Andreas G. Sep 14, 2021 211 views

What subjects in school would be crucial for a job in Aerospace Engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #mechanical

Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Sep 14, 2021 192 views

What are some good internships in aerospace engineering?

I'm about to apply to college, and I'm wondering what internships there are for aerospace engineer majors that are related to the field. #aerospace-engineering #internship

Ruben A.’s Avatar
Ruben A. Jul 27, 2021 381 views

is a good career in aerospace engineer?

#aerospace-engineering #aerospace #engineering

Eudis B.’s Avatar
Eudis B. Jun 24, 2021 328 views

How can I become a aerospace engineer?what steps do I need to take to become one?

#aerospace-engineering #mechanical #engineering

Shiva om kumar G.’s Avatar
Shiva om kumar G. Jun 17, 2021 312 views

how i can be aerospace engineer?

which subject i have to focus to be aerospace engineer?

Ryan L.’s Avatar
Ryan L. Jun 14, 2021 587 views

I think I would like to be a software engineer one day in the aerospace industry, maybe writing programs for autopilot systems in spaceships. Should I major in Computer Science or Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering?

#aerospace #computerscience #aerospace-engineering #majors #college #engineering #mechanical-engineering #technology #space #software

Farrah A.’s Avatar
Farrah A. Mar 19, 2021 359 views

What is the best major for me if I’m interested in math and i’m so good at it

I am interested in logistics, business administration, computer science, and supply chain management #math #aerospace-engineering #business-management

Colby N.’s Avatar
Colby N. Nov 05, 2020 249 views

What I want to be in the future?

I am in 9th grade and I am interested aerospace engineering. My goal is to finish high school and work to become an aerospace engineer. #high-school

Zackary G.’s Avatar
Zackary G. Oct 23, 2020 279 views

If you become an Aerospace Engineer, are you assigned to a specific type of craft, or do the types of crafts differ for each project?

I am in 10th grade looking at potential careers. I have many thoughts going through my head on what occupation I want to go to college for. I really like those big jets, I think they are fascinating. Hope to one day pursue a career in enjoy. #aerospace #engineer

Victwhon N.’s Avatar
Victwhon N. Jul 08, 2020 741 views

What is the benefits of being an Mechanical Engineer?

I'm still in high school. I'm going to the 11th grade but I want to be a mechanical engineer. So I just want to know some things about being an engineer. #engineer #engineering #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #mechanical-engineer

Kasey M.’s Avatar
Kasey M. May 08, 2020 555 views

What attracts recruiters or hiring management

#engineering #aerospace-engineering #career