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Career Questions tagged Aeronautics

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Vaidehi May 25 66 views

Is aeronautical engineering is the best ?

So is it more tough than I get to know?

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Vaidehi May 25 119 views

Is optics essential for aeronautics ?

So if we go for that then what are its benefits ?

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Allwyn May 24 165 views

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

Currently iam at the end semester of aeronautical engineering, iam totally fed up with the degree but i had interest to do masters in renewable energy, is that good idea!! For career shifting confused, pls help me

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Noah Apr 27 194 views

How long does it take to be a aerospace engineer?

How many years of college?

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Noah Apr 27 184 views

What are the best places to work as a aerospace engineer?

Where and what are some good places for this job?

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Noah Apr 27 94 views

Best classes for aerospace engineering?

What high school classes and college classes should you take?

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Noah Apr 26 301 views

What do you do as a aerospace engineer?

How many hours do you work in a day? What do you design, build and test?

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Henry Feb 24 196 views

what are chances of working on a large rocket part versus a small rocket part.

I like space and rocket building. I find building stuff to be interesting. #space #engineering

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Leila May 18, 2020 345 views

How can I get a job at NASA after graduating with a degree in space engineering and technology? what are the requirements?

I study "Space engineering and technology". In general, I'm very interested in aerospace industry and astronomy, natural phenomena. #spaceengineering #aeronautics

Crystal’s Avatar
Crystal Dec 02, 2019 407 views

What does it take to become an aeronautical engineer?

#aeronautics #aerospace #engineering

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Austin Nov 20, 2019 1263 views

What is the best college for aerospace engineering?

I am a Junior in high school #aerospace #engineer #aerospace-engineering #engineering #aeronautics

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ian Apr 11, 2019 2301 views

disadvantages of being an aerospace engineer

such as pay, insurance.etc.

#engineer #engineering #aerospace-engineer # #aeronautics #mechanical #aerospace #aerospace-engineering

alyziah’s Avatar
alyziah Mar 17, 2019 1272 views

What are the benefits and drawbacks of an Aerospace Engineer

I might be interested in pursuing an aerospace engineering job #aerospace-engineering #engineering #aeronautics

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Christian Dec 21, 2018 582 views

I want to become a mechanical engineer, emphasis on Aerospace. What classes should I take while in High School?

I've been thinking about having an emphasis on robotics, but I'm having trouble picking my classes for high school. #mechanical-engineering #college #college-major #engineer #engineering #aerospace-engineering #mechanical #aeronautics #high-school #physics #computer-science #chemistry #math...

Shaheer’s Avatar
Shaheer Sep 27, 2018 756 views

What is the everyday job like for an aerospace engineer

What do aerospace engineers regularly do, and how does my aerospace engineering bachelor's degree apply to that? Does it apply directly? #aerospace #aerospace-engineering #engineering #mechanical #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics #aeronautics...

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Samuel Sep 05, 2018 565 views

What are the strains put on you as an aerospace engineer?

I'm an 8th grade student going back and forth between a biomechanical engineer and an aerospace engineer, and I'm leaning more on the aerospace side. After looking through the different job requirements and such, the deciding factor for me will be what the strains are for each job....

Jazmin’s Avatar
Jazmin Aug 30, 2018 519 views

What to look forward to as an Aerospace Engineer?

Hello, I am 16 and a current junior in high school and I was wondering what to look forward to if I decide to go into Engineering - more specifically Aerospace/Aeronautics. Designing and constructing things has always been my strong suit, and I also love math and art in school and great hights...

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Ganapathi Nov 18, 2017 885 views

What to take in engineering to become a pilot!??

I want to become a pilot and i dont know which subject to take in engineering can u suggest me??#aeronautics #pilot #commercial-pilot #engineering

Ganapathi’s Avatar
Ganapathi Oct 22, 2017 7055 views

What are advantages and disadvantages of aeronautical and mechanical engineering??

I am studying in 12th at present and very soon i need to decide which case of study should i take in engineering i am very much interested about aeronautics but all people are saying taking aeronautics at engineering gives you less opportunities there after so they were asking me to take...

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 30, 2017 769 views

What can I do to improve my chances at entering a decent college?

I'm in the 11th Grade and I am unsure about which college I can get into. The college I'm looking for is one that is known to most people and has many available majors, but does not require the highest of grades(B-C area). Another thing I wonder is if the college can provide the necessary...

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Amit Nov 14, 2016 1123 views

For an undergrad freshmen students, how can they get internships in their related fields. Is it possible to get internship in the first year without any experience or broad knowledge?

I am an engineering student who want to make career in aeronautical engineering. I want to make my base strong and know as much as i can but the problem is i don't have much knowledge in this field. Also, i have heard we can get experience and practical knowledge from internships....

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Saja Oct 28, 2016 484 views

What are some college class needed to become an aeronautical engineer

I'm about to go into college. #aeronautics

Saja’s Avatar
Saja Oct 28, 2016 599 views

What is life like as an aeronautical engineer

I am a junior who is considering going into this field #aeronautics

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 26, 2016 745 views

Does anybody know what the specialty is when the aerospace engineer designs the engines for the planes?

I want to design the engines for aircraft but don't know what area I should specialize in. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #aerospace #aeronautics

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Oct 26, 2016 2598 views

Would it be better to get a job with the federal government or a corporation such as Boeing or Lockheed Martin?

I have heard that getting jobs with the government can be difficult unless you have people on the inside to help you out. So, I'm asking if avoiding the hassle and going to a corporation would be just as good (if not better). #engineering #science #technology #mechanical-engineering #math...

John’s Avatar
John Oct 22, 2016 1059 views

Is it more important to get a degree in Aerospace Engineering, or is Mechanical Engineering sufficient?

Do I need to make sure my school offers a degree in Aerospace Engineering? Mechanical Engineering is much more common. I want to go into the Aerospace and Aeronautics field when I graduate, and I want to do everything I can to ensure my success. #engineering #mechanical-engineering...

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John Oct 22, 2016 938 views

I want to get into Aerospace Engineering. Is a 4-year degree enough to get started?

What else should I plan on doing if I want a career in aerospace engineering? Do I need an internship? Do I need to plan on an advanced degree? #engineering #mechanical-engineering #airline-industry #aerospace-engineering #mechanical-engineer #aerospace #aeronautics

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Rasbin Sep 09, 2016 819 views

can I still go for it ?

can I go for aeronautic engineering in masters level even if I had taken automobile engineering in bachelors level. #professor #mechanical-engineering #aerospace-engineering #aeronautics #educational-leadership

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syed Jun 23, 2016 762 views

What are the best career choices in the field of aeronautical engineering?

i am interested in aeronautical engineering and want make it as my career. what percentage do i need to get an admission in aeronautical engineering? #science #engineer #aerospace #aeronautics #aircraft-engineer

Yuvan Sankar’s Avatar
Yuvan Sankar Jun 23, 2016 1726 views

Do computer science group student can pursue aeronautical Engineer

Hai I am Yuvan from Class 12th. Selected Computer science group. Can I do aeronautical engineer. What marks should I score for aeronautics. #engineer #professor #educator #aeronautics