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jade M. Oct 22 35 views

Can chemical engineers work in the food and agriculture industry?

I have read that most chemical engineers work in the oil and gas industry, but I don't really want to work in that industry. My dream is to work in the food and agriculture industry. I would like to create fertilizers or new formulas for food. So can chemical engineers work in this industry or...

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Diana N. Aug 17, 2018 234 views

How to find jobs to apply for?

I want to work in an IT industry and it seems impossible to find a job. Help a girl out? #stemcareers...


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Yingyi Z. Apr 01, 2018 454 views

How to become a data scientist?

Hello, I am going to a liberal art college in a fringe town next school year. The school does not have a data science major but I am highly interested in data science. (I will be going to double majors in Computer science and Statistics.) What are some steps should I do to become a data...

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Jazmin L. Mar 24, 2018 469 views

Should I consider changing my wildlife/conservation biology major if I am bad at math?

I want to pursue a degree in conservation biology or wildlife biology, and have been told by previous professionals that I should keep my grades up in science math classes. While I enjoy and excel in my science classes, I am not as good at math. I am able to maintain an A or high B in all math...

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Madeleine W. Mar 18, 2018 340 views

What is the gender gap like in upper level sciences, first hand?

I am a female, high school senior considering a career path in upper level mathematics, academia and research. I am very concerned with underrepresentation of women and I would like to know of any first hand experiences. Researching online I find a lot of statistics, but I would like more. Has...

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Kieta M. Oct 12, 2017 417 views

How to prepare for a bioengineering major?

I'm a senior in high school who is interested in majoring in biomedical engineering. I attend an art school that is a little low on resources for students interested in STEM. I have taken all the math and science offered by my school but still don't really prepared for college level math and...

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Gillian C. Mar 13, 2017 6002 views

Biomedical Engineering vs Chemical Engineering with Bio specialization?

I have been interested in pursuing a Biomedical Engineering major. However, people argue that biomedical engineering is the jack of all trades and master of none. This has been concerning for me as I would very much like to major in something and feel that I have mastered what I am learning...

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Jacques F. Oct 31, 2016 560 views

What is the best STEM degree?

I'm curious what others think based on pay, workplace atmosphere, freedom, and interesting work. #mechanical-engineering #electrical-engineering #chemicals...


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Emma N. Oct 31, 2016 335 views

What STEM job would be good for me?

I like to work on projects where I can be systematic, innovate and explore new ideas. I enjoy starting new projects that offer challenges and the possibility of discovering new ways to do things. I enjoy working independently and pay attention to the details as needed to get the job done. When...


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Jose H. Oct 30, 2016 602 views

What type of jobs are available for people who major in mechanical engineering?

I am asking this because I am currently completing my senior year of high school and college is around the corner and I would like to know what my future possibilities would be before I commit to a certain major. #mechanical-engineering #mechanical-engineer #robotics...


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Samantha M. Oct 30, 2016 512 views

Do you feel any bias towards your work being a woman in STEM?

I want my work to be as credible as a male's. Is there any unfair actions or bias against being a woman in STEM? #women-in-stem...


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Kendralyn M. Oct 27, 2016 528 views

What are "worthwhile" contributions that I could make to today's society as an astrophysicist?

I want to get a doctorate in astrophysics but I don't want to do all of this work and spend all of this money/ pay off loans for several years if I can't do something worthwhile with it. #stem #women-in-stem #astrophysics #stem-education...


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Deshona R. Oct 26, 2016 539 views

How are stem jobs different from regular jobs?

I have been in stem since 9th grade year and I'm wondering how are stem jobs different from regular jobs. Does stem jobs provide better benefits and a more creative way to be successful in a career than job that is not stem? #stem...


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Adilene Jezabel M. Oct 24, 2016 466 views

Women in stem, how do you know when your cheated?

Trying to become a woman in stem, what are some tips that will not get me cheated from the benefits of my work ethic compared to male counterparts. There's always been a difference in pag wages between men and women, but how I can I better prepare myself for this reality? I mean I could just be...

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