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What STEM job would be good for me?

I like to work on projects where I can be systematic, innovate and explore new ideas. I enjoy starting new projects that offer challenges and the possibility of discovering new ways to do things. I enjoy working independently and pay attention to the details as needed to get the job done.
When working with detailed information regarding a problem, I often see the important patterns and main themes that can lead to a solution. I am interested in the ideas behind a job and want to have an understanding of the job before taking action. My approach to work and life is to be orderly, set goals, make plans and proceed with your work in a logical fashion, but feel passionate about what I am doing. #stemcareers

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Marjorie A.’s Answer

Hi Emma,

Excellent question; however, I cannot ascertain if you are in HS, college, or currently employed searching for a new career.

My first suggestion would be to take a career aptitude and/or personality test. If you are in HS and your school counseling department uses the Naviance program, there are two career inventories available in Family Connection. One is "Do What You Are" and the other is an inventory by John Holland, a psychologist who was a leader in career and personality theories. By answering the questions and interpreting the results, you can evaluate your options. If you are in college, visit your Career Service Center and inquire about the availability of career aptitude tests. Even if you are post-HS and college, there are career tests available, including online.


An excellent career resource is the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Handbook. View it online at https://www.bls.gov/ooh/

Based on your personal characteristics, many STEM professions would qualify due to your problem-solving skills, preciseness and focus on details, and systematic approach to developing/planning/ and completing tasks. If you are talented in advanced math, engineering and its cohorts would be a good start. Visit "Try Engineering.Org" for information at http://tryengineering.org/

If you enjoy the life sciences, medical research could be an option. You can have the flexibility of working with a team of colleagues, or alone.

Hope this helps!