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How to prepare for a bioengineering major?

Updated Oakland, California

I'm a senior in high school who is interested in majoring in biomedical engineering. I attend an art school that is a little low on resources for students interested in STEM. I have taken all the math and science offered by my school but still don't really prepared for college level math and science. What are some ways I can prepare or catch up late in high school or early in college?

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2 answers

Kevin’s Answer

Hey there! Great question... My name is Kevin and I have a Electrical and Computer Engineering Degree from Rutgers University. I think your best way to go about bolstering your Math/Science knowledge would be to check out a website like Schoolyourself.com, tutor.com, or khanacademy.com. These are free websites that teach/tutor in various subjects. I think you will be able to find what you need by searching the web a bit. I really hope things work our for you! This is my first post, so if you have any other questions feel free to reach out :) Good luck!

Herman’s Answer

Updated California, California
Hi Kieta, As Kevin already suggested, there are online resources to bolster your knowledge. I personally used KhanAcademy to study, while I was in college. I highly suggest you check them out. Also, when you are in college, I suggest attending office hours and study sessions. Perhaps maybe even start or join a study group where you can learn from your peers. I did this and it definitely helped me a lot. Best regards, Herman