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Career Questions tagged Bioengineering

Abigail O.’s Avatar
Abigail O. Apr 02 196 views

What is a good education pathway for a career in neuroprosthetics?

I am currently a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the neuroengineering industry. Specifically, I want to work developing neuroprosthetics. For anyone working in the field, do you have any advice for getting a foot...

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Abigail O.’s Avatar
Abigail O. Apr 02 191 views

Is outsourcing a problem in the biomedical engineering / neuroengineering field?

I am a student planning to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Neuroscience in hopes of being competitive in the field of neuroengineering. Specifically, I would like to work on the development of neuroprosthetics. I know that outsourcing is a bit of a problem in other engineering...

prosthetics neuroengineering neuralprosthetics biotech career career-development biomedicalengineering college internships neuroelectronics neuroprosthetics neuroscience bioengineering engineering neurorobots career-counseling

Tony P.’s Avatar
Tony P. Oct 03, 2019 229 views

What is the best degree level for bioengineering?

I'm considering a career in bioengineering. From my research, the absolute minimum degree level is a bachelor's degree. If I want to make medical advancements in the field, will a bachelor's suffice, or will I have to look on to a higher degree? biology science degree medicine...

engineering bioengineering healthcare

Tony P.’s Avatar
Tony P. Oct 03, 2019 240 views

Bioengineers: how long did it take to find work when you graduated?

I am considering a career in bioengineering, and I'm interested in how long it took graduates to find work in the field. science bioengineering engineering biology stem career...


Tony P.’s Avatar
Tony P. Oct 03, 2019 357 views

What do bioengineers do on a day-by-day basis?

I'm considering going to college for bioengineering, and I am curious as to what the typical workday looks like for those in the field. science bioengineering engineering medicine...


Emilie T.’s Avatar
Emilie T. Feb 11, 2019 554 views

Are any biomedical engineers willing to take the time to answer my interview questions below?

Hello, my name is Emilie and I am working on a project involving biomedical engineering. I was wondering if any biomedical engineer who is currently working as a biomedical engineer was willing to answer my questions. If you know anyone who is a bioengineer please contact them about my...

biomedical biomedical-engineering bioengineering engineering

Yelizaveta A.’s Avatar
Yelizaveta A. Jan 17, 2018 460 views

How to narrow down your field ?

I'm majoring in Bio-engineering but it's such a big field that I'm not entirely sure of what subset I want to go into. I really like genetics and animals are there any possible fields that would involve those ? bioengineering engineering college-major stem academic-advising...


Carina P.’s Avatar
Carina P. Apr 18, 2018 500 views

What is the competition for Biomedical Engineering jobs in the state of Florida?

I want to go into biomedical engineering, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to find a job in Florida. florida engineering bioengineering job biomedicalengineering...


Theodore L.’s Avatar
Theodore L. Mar 26, 2018 437 views

What jobs can I enter with a Bioengineering Degree?

I plan to enter the college of engineering with a major in Biological engineering but I can't help but feel I am missing


Ellie B.’s Avatar
Ellie B. Mar 15, 2018 393 views

What is the best major to go for stem cell/tissue engineering?

My end goal is stem cell and tissue engineering, but I don't know which major is best for me to take and learn the most for it. I've researched for a while now and have gathered that I can choose from ChemE with Bio electives, Materials Science, or Bioengineering. I just want to work in...

tissue-engineering stem chemical-engineering biology stem-cells bioengineering materials-science college-major

Adriana L.’s Avatar
Adriana L. Jan 17, 2018 733 views

What career paths are available with a biomedical engineering degree?

I want to study biomedical engineering but I do not want to end up in a hospital for work engineering biomedical biomed...


Yekaterina Z.’s Avatar
Yekaterina Z. Jan 16, 2018 472 views

How can I get in contact with people in the profession I'm considering?

I have wanted to become a biomedical engineer for many years, but there are many times when I wonder whether I would truly thrive in this career. I would love to shadow a biomedical engineer, especially as I want to declare my major in college as soon as possible. Is it rude or unacceptable for...

bioengineer bioengineering biomedical-engineering biomedical biotechnology choosing-a-major hungry-for-info

Kieta M.’s Avatar
Kieta M. Oct 12, 2017 521 views

How to prepare for a bioengineering major?

I'm a senior in high school who is interested in majoring in biomedical engineering. I attend an art school that is a little low on resources for students interested in STEM. I have taken all the math and science offered by my school but still don't really prepared for college level math and...

college stem biomedical stemcareers bioengineering stem-education college-major biomedical-engineering college-advice

Lisa K.’s Avatar
Lisa K. May 14, 2016 536 views

What careers are open to me after I graduate with a bachelor's in Bioengineering?

I will major in bioengineering with a specialty in biomedical engineering college science biomedical-engineering...


hazel W.’s Avatar
hazel W. Apr 04, 2017 733 views

what is the scope for biotechnology?

i want to know how the career opportunities will be like 10 years from now. i am looking for career after i take up BSc. (and not BTech)biotechnology. plps answer fast biology career-counseling career-choice biotechnology molecular-biology future-careers bioengineering...


Katia D.’s Avatar
Katia D. Apr 02, 2017 700 views

If I want to do research, is a degree in bioengineering necessary?

I'm interested in becoming a researcher in the field of biomedicine, but I'm not sure if I would need to get a BA or Master's in bioengineering in order to do that. research biomedical-engineering biomedical-engineer biomedical-science...


Caitlyn V.’s Avatar
Caitlyn V. Oct 31, 2016 603 views

I'm considering a career in biomedical engineering but I have heard a little bit about biomathmatics. Is it possible to integrate biomathmatics into a BME career?

I've always been good at math and science. I participated in Moody's Math Challenge last year and really enjoyed the experience. Math comes easy to me. I enjoy adding science into the equation as well as science fascinates me but I find it more challenging, therefore I want to find a career...

mathematics bioengineering bioinformatics data-science

Yoshi G.’s Avatar
Yoshi G. Oct 18, 2016 394 views

Are there a lot of prospective job opportunities for bioengineers?

I'm a senior in high school and interested in bioengineering, but I've heard many negative opinions about going into bioengineering because of the lack of job opportunities. I heard many students end up going to grad school to study a different branch of engineering. So, is it worth it to go...

bioengineering engineering

Sean D.’s Avatar
Sean D. Aug 22, 2016 557 views

Biochemical Engineering from Biochemistry Degree

I'm about to enter my final year of a BSc Biochemistry degree in the UK. I would really like to go on to become a biochemical engineer but i'm not sure exactly what further study (if any) or graduate program that I would need to complete in order to do so. I would also be more than happy to...

bioengineering biochemistry working-abroad graduate-recruitment graduate

Noah B.’s Avatar
Noah B. May 19, 2016 694 views

What's the difference between bio-engineering and bio-medical engineering?

I would like to venture into the field of bio-medical engineering and biotechnology but not all colleges offer these programs but some offer a bio-engineering course or degree instead. I was wondering what the main differences were and if I could still get the same jobs with that degree....

bioengineering biotech biomedical biomedical-engineering biology biomedical-engineer

Lisa K.’s Avatar
Lisa K. May 14, 2016 617 views

What are the best locations in the US for bioengineers or biomedical engineers?

I want to find a location where I would be happy to live as well as have a good job. biomedical-engineer...


andy S.’s Avatar
andy S. May 14, 2016 782 views

Mathematics and biomedical?

To my understanding (from whart highschool teachers have told me) engineering takes alot of mathematics to be able to do well. Is this true? and if so, how much is mathematics actually applied in biomedical engineering? I absolutely love math and it's subtopics. And it is one of the reasons why...

biomedical mathematics bioengineering premed

Gabriela W.’s Avatar
Gabriela W. May 04, 2016 833 views

Do bio engineers have weekends off? Is it all work all the time or is there time for a family when the time comes?

I am currently a high school senior who is planning on majoring in bio engineering in the fall. I am asking this question because I like to think ahead and I was just curious. engineer women-in-stem...


Gabriela W.’s Avatar
Gabriela W. May 04, 2016 603 views

Is it worth pursing a degree in bio engineering? Is it hard to find a job after college?

I am currently a high school senior who is going to be majoring in bio engineering in the fall. I am not sure if I should major in bio engineering or civil engineering. engineer civil-engineering...


David V.’s Avatar
David V. Jul 23, 2015 982 views

If I had a B.Pharm degree, what would I do next if I wanted to do biochemical engineering/chemical engineering?

Okay, so basically I'm in my second year of the B.Pharm degree. I want to finish the degree. What would be my next step? In the end I want to do research in a direction that would incorporate biochemical engineering into my knowledge of medicines. To put it into perspective; I wouldn't mind...

drug-development bioengineering biochemistry chemical-engineering organic-chemistry drug-discovery