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What career paths are available with a biomedical engineering degree?

Asked Houma, Louisiana

I want to study biomedical engineering but I do not want to end up in a hospital for work #engineering #biomedical #biomed #bioengineering

3 answers

Christopher’s Answer

Updated New Jersey, New Jersey

Hi Adriana,

Majoring in biomedical engineering would not necessarily relegate you to wearing scrubs and working in a hospital. For perspective...there is some great work in the area of Biomedical Engineering going on at the University of Illinois, MIT and the University of California - San Diego to name a few. Regarding the latter (UDSD), please see Dr. Todd Coleman's TED talk..I think you will find it quite interesting how they can "paste"  circuits to the body and monitor all manner of vitals. So in Biomedical Engineering you can measure/monitor the vitals of a subject and  enhance human-computer interface(s) for the purpose of better health. And the more non-intrusive ways you can do this, the easier it will be to collect broad data that would help in preventative medicine.  Take a look at the video as well as some papers by Dr. Coleman on the topic. I think you'll be enlightened.

PAUL’s Answer

Updated Florida, Florida

Well literature tells us biomedical comes from 2 words being bio / medical

bio short for biology or human body and medicine which is to cure

i must point out that medicine usually means you end up in a hospital eventually but realize all companies that create products have their own Biomeds in-house or meaning in the plant/factory

there are many Biomeds in research and even the Government , but i must point out the alternative roads than hospitals might require much more schooling

BILL’s Answer


I have worked the  Bio-Medical / Clinical Engineering fields for over 30 years.    I have been involved in cancer research projects, equipment design, manufacture support and in house hospital service.   I have been able to travel and meet some great people.    The opportunities are endless.    I may currently managing 3 Bio-Med departments for a large hospital system.    This position include; testing, repair, research, Federal & State  Regulation and most of all safety management.   If you are looking for great position and pay you should be able to find it with a Bio-Medical degree.