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Is biomedical engineering a rewarding career

Asked Providence, Rhode Island

I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering #biomedical #bio-engineering

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PAUL’s Answer

Updated Florida, Florida

Think Of all the hospitals in your area or the US if your willing to travel. Each hospital can have as few as 4 Biomeds or big hospitals might have 10 or more with some being working managers or lead Biomeds. There are Companies out there providing service small and large ( GE, Aramark, Phillips ) etc but the best place too start and gain experience will be a hospital

the answer lies within you how successful you are .... a biomedical engineer is a person who repairs medical Equipment. Very sick people and nurses depend on you to do a good job, be detail oriented, have integrity even when no one is watching.

There are plenty of bad biomeds in hospitals but if you can be passionate about repair and maintenance of much needed equipment instead of counting the minutes till lunch and be depended on to do a good job correctly then you will move up in this field eventually. There is lots of equipment to cover and they are always looking for good men to send to school on specialty areas like Dialysis,radiology, surgical equipment ... hope this helps

PAUL recommends the following next steps:

  • find school that offers a 2 yr biomedical engineering classes and start there

Andy’s Answer

Updated Bothell, Washington

Hi Adriana, As of now and hopefully till the time you graduate(3-5 years) from engineering school the technologies you learn in Biomedical school will be relevant. Un like IT. I can say this with confidence being worked in the industry for couple of decades and observed the trend. However, many medical devices are being replaced by computers and mobile phone along with software and apps. In otherwords the IT and CS penetration In to Biomedical world is huge. One thing for sure employment stability for Biomedical jobs are pretty solid. Check www.bls..gov for the 10 year occupational outlook report for guidance. Hope it helps