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Are any biomedical engineers willing to take the time to answer my interview questions below?

Updated Houston, Texas

Hello, my name is Emilie and I am working on a project involving biomedical engineering. I was wondering if any biomedical engineer who is currently working as a biomedical engineer was willing to answer my questions. If you know anyone who is a bioengineer please contact them about my question, I am on a bit of a time crunch. (The questions are below).

How long have you been a biomedical engineer and what company are you working with?
What kind of projects have you been involved in and what was your role in it?
What do you do on a daily basis?
What is your favorite part about working as a biomedical engineer?
To date, what professional achievement are you most proud of?
What are the biggest challenges you face in this position?
Do you have any suggestions for a young scholar like me who wants to become a biomedical engineer?
What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job?
What was the challenging part of becoming a biomedical engineer?


Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.