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Emilie T. Jul 18, 2020 128 views

What are some careers in Sports Medicine?

Although I am still interested in engineering, I have also become interested in Sports Medicine. However, I don't know what I would decide to do if I decided to pursue that dream. I would rather not be a physical therapist, but more of a trainer. If anyone could provide some examples of...

#physical-therapist #trainer #physical-therapy #july20 #sports-medicine #student-trainer

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Emilie T. Jul 18, 2020 240 views

Do you recommend taking a gap year?

Although I do want to go to college and get a degree, I have seen many articles where people have taken a gap year to fix their health or to raise enough money for college and I was wondering if I should plan to do the same. #career-choice #career-path #july20 #gapyear...


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Emilie T. May 07, 2020 705 views

Are there any places that I can volunteer at that are related to biomedical engineering?

I am almost 15 years old and I'm interested in biomed. I'm looking for opportunities in the Houston area #biomed...


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Emilie T. Feb 11, 2019 234 views

Where could you find biomedical engineers working at?

I have a project and I need to interview someone who is currently in the biomedical engineering position and I don't know where to find one to interview. If you know where a bioengineer is please list where they are specifically. #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...


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Emilie T. Feb 11, 2019 398 views

Are any biomedical engineers willing to take the time to answer my interview questions below?

Hello, my name is Emilie and I am working on a project involving biomedical engineering. I was wondering if any biomedical engineer who is currently working as a biomedical engineer was willing to answer my questions. If you know anyone who is a bioengineer please contact them about my...

#biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical #bioengineering