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Where could you find biomedical engineers working at?

I have a project and I need to interview someone who is currently in the biomedical engineering position and I don't know where to find one to interview. If you know where a bioengineer is please list where they are specifically.


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2 answers

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G. Mark’s Answer

Companies that hire biomedical engineers include those that, obviously, design and implement medical devices. One very simple approach would be to stop in a doctor's office and talk to the receptionist and ask if they would leave a note for the doctor to ask for a few minutes. The doctor usually knows several companies that make the devices they use. Ask for a contact. Most salespeople are very willing to talk to anyone interested in their products and field. They also may be willing to simply pass your note onto folks in the profession that they do business with. And companies that make these devices would likely be very willing to pass on your request. My basic approach is that when you want to find out about a particular job, simply find a way to contact those people working in it. Bear in mind that most people that tackle a particular technical profession and stick with it are more than willing to talk your ear off about what they do, because it's often a labor of love, as it were. Go for it!

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Breanna’s Answer

People with Biomedical engineering degrees can work in all sorts of fields and industries from Medical device companies, to pharmaceuticals, to prosthetics, and many more. A lot of times those people will have other career titles, such as myself working as a manufacturing engineer but I have a biomedical engineering degree. Other potential roles at companies could be Quality engineer, Research and Development (R&D) engineer, design engineer, design assurance engineer, etc.

Another resource would be to look at companies on LinkedIn and see who works there and reach out to some of them, or check out your local career advisor/office. Typically, the employees there can give recommendations to students or recent graduates on people to reach out to about questions or for informational interviews.

Hope this helps!