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Vanessa O. Apr 16, 2018 291 views

In working toward the field of prothetics do I need a master degree before a docorate

To understand how much schooling I will need and how I should prepare for applying to graduate school. #graduate-school #masters #doctorate #prosthetics #healthcare #biomedical-engineering...


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Mae O. Apr 20, 2018 1808 views

How do I get to shadow a Biomedical Engineer

I was looking to find out how to shadow a biomedical engineer. I did my undergraduate in neuroscience and had the intention of going to graduate school for biomedical engineering. I was hoping to see what there work life was like before going. I've looked into societies like BMES, but no luck....

#biomedical-engineering #job-shadowing #engineering

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Emilie T. Feb 11, 2019 184 views

Where could you find biomedical engineers working at?

I have a project and I need to interview someone who is currently in the biomedical engineering position and I don't know where to find one to interview. If you know where a bioengineer is please list where they are specifically. #biomedical-engineering #biomedical...


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Elijah G. Mar 23, 2019 206 views