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Alexandra C. Jul 29, 2019 370 views

How to introduce yourself to a professor you want to study under in *grad school*?

I will be applying to Psychology Ph.D. programs this fall, and I was wondering how best to introduce myself to PIs I want to work with. For example: - What should I include in an email? - What should I say about myself? What should I say about them? - What questions do I need to ask them?...

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Vanessa O. Apr 16, 2018 257 views

In working toward the field of prothetics do I need a master degree before a docorate

To understand how much schooling I will need and how I should prepare for applying to graduate school. #graduate-school #masters #doctorate #prosthetics #healthcare #biomedical-engineering...


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Alex R. May 29, 2018 413 views

What can you do with a Ph.D in physics?

I have always wanted to get a Ph.d. in physics. I planned to do electrical engineering or computer science and then get a Ph.d. in physics. My main issue is that I am not sure what being a physicist entails, aside from academia. I would like to know what someone with a Ph.d. in physics could...

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Margot R. May 30, 2018 277 views

What are some things to do to prepare for applying to JD/PHD programs?

-What research experience/internships would be helpful? -How important is networking when applying to graduate programs? #education #law #graduate-school #college #applications #phd #jd...


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Sarah B. Apr 27, 2018 232 views

Are doctorate degrees worth it?

We've all heard doctors make a lot of money. In a lot of cases, they really don't, especially if you take into consideration the fees they pay like insurances, and student loans. In addition, having a doctorate doesn't save you from being on call or working awful shifts. Are the student...

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Huy D. May 20, 2016 434 views
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Bryce F. Oct 29, 2016 375 views

Are the working hours of an anesthesiologist grueling?

I'm asking because I am interested in becoming an anesthesiologist but I also want to be able to have a family someday and don't want a job that would interfere with that...


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Eve L. May 19, 2016 349 views
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Eve L. May 19, 2016 447 views

What are the benefits in getting a doctorate?

I want to get a Multidisciplinary degree in English Literature and Psycholgy. I was wondering whether I should get a doctorate or a masters. #psychology #degree #literature...


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Hector G. Jun 24, 2015 733 views

Whats the salary of a Doctor?

I am a student at Abraham Lnicoln and I am in the process of exploring careers. My name is Hector Gomez, I am interested in being a Doctor specifically working with teeth. #doctor #nursing #dentist...


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Cyril P. Jun 08, 2015 886 views
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Kay G. Apr 21, 2015 912 views

what are the different careers that you can take up other than becoming a doctor after completing your inter in pre medical science?

i am asking this question because i want to become a doctor but if in the future i cahnge my mind so is it possible to choose a different career even after completing your inter in pre medical science? #teacher #experience #doctorate...


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Sophie T. Dec 16, 2014 1799 views

How long does it take to get a PHD or Doctorate in the sciences?

I love to learn and wish to receive the highest level of research education as possible. I also love to travel around the world so I was curious about how long each degree would require #science #astronomy #astrophysics #science-phd...