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Is there a lot of math stuff when being a doctor?

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2 answers

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Dr Julian’s Answer

The amount of math a doctor needs depends on his or her field of practice. Emergency and Internal Medicine doctors have to calculate the amount of drugs they need to give to a patient. A radiologist has to know geometry in order to report the size shape location and proximity of tumors or fractures they see on xrays.

Most medical schools require applicants to have at least a semester of calculus. Take as many math courses as possible in high school. In chronological order, most high schools and many colleges offer students courses in pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2 and trigonometry or pre-calculus.

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Estelle’s Answer

Cyril, doctors need to be comfortable with numbers. We have to know doses and calculate body mass index, for example. The things have become automated, but we still need to feel comfortable interpreting the information. The highest level of math that I use regularly is algebra. Dr. Julian makes a good point of the math needed to get to medical school.