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Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Hmm.. My career goal is to be successful and help others. Right now I've been having trouble trying to choose from becoming a Pediatrician or Psychiatrist. But I do want to be in the medical field and helping others, but in order to become those things I need to improve in my math skills and science which I'm bad at..... So what should I do?

Context: Well recently I've chosen my Junior year class electives (Chemistry and Spanish 2) So that will help me with the College aspect since most colleges want to see you take 3 years or more with science and foreign language. And very soon I will be job shadowing a Pediatrician.
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Cyril P. Jun 08, 2015 903 views
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Tiffany Z. Mar 06, 2016 885 views

What are the requirements to become a Sonographer and how hard is it to become one, also, what is the day to day experience the job offers?

I am a sophmore in high school wanting to map out what I want my future to be and how successful i will be doing so. I want to limit my future career plans to my top 5 so I have a smaller choices to chose from my senior year. #college #medicine #ultrasound...


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Amy Z. Jul 04, 2016 662 views

How much money does a medical student have to pay throughout her entire education?

Including undergraduate and medical school education. #medicine #money...


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Brianna W. Oct 20, 2016 1271 views

How much job growth is expected within STEM careers?

I want to go into a career area that will have significant projected job growth within the next few years so that I can be sure to have a place in the career field. #engineering #science #technology #math #stem...


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Hashir A. Nov 02, 2016 718 views

I have an upcoming interview at a medical school, how do you prepare for a one-on-one interview?

I have a one-on-one interview at a medical school coming up. Does anyone have any helpful tips on what to prepare for and how to approach the interview. For reference: I have a masters degree in biomedical sciences and a bachelors degree in mathematics. #medicine -school...


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Michela C. Nov 14, 2016 358 views

WHat are the prereqs to becoming a PA?

I would like to know what classes I need to take in order to get into PA program #nursing #healthcare #health...


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Michela C. Nov 14, 2016 584 views

If your a pre-med student Is it better to major in the sciences or a major of your choice?

I am a pre-med student and i would like to know which major in sciences or a major of your choice will benefit you when applying for a career or med school #medicine #biology #pre-med #physical-therapy #biotechnology #biochemistry #molecular-biology...


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Emily R. Nov 15, 2016 688 views

Should I Become a Vet or a Pediatrician?

Hi, i'm Emily and I don't know if I should become a vet or a pediatrician. I've wanted to become a vet for my whole life, but I have recently had an interest in caring for children (and babies especially). I think I could have a good possibility of becoming a vet, but I want to get paid a lot....

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Michela C. Nov 16, 2016 443 views

What kinda of job can you get with a Health science degree?

I've always had an interest in the healthcare field and I keep on switching my mind on what I would like to be. #medicine #biology #healthcare...


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Michela C. Nov 16, 2016 391 views
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isabella R. Nov 16, 2016 489 views

is it necessary to study physics in high school to be paediatric oncologist?

I'm going to be paediatric oncologist so i'm studying chemistry in high school should i study physics? or i can study it in the university? #doctor #medicine #oncology #oncologist...


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Michela C. Nov 17, 2016 566 views

Nursing or PA?

Which one would you recommend? Im interested in both...


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Desiree G. Nov 18, 2016 550 views

What are good volunteering ideas if I want to major in Social Work?

I plan on transferring from my community college to UT and would like to have some volunteering experience under my belt. #social-work...