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Should I Become a Vet or a Pediatrician?

Hi, i'm Emily and I don't know if I should become a vet or a pediatrician. I've wanted to become a vet for my whole life, but I have recently had an interest in caring for children (and babies especially). I think I could have a good possibility of becoming a vet, but I want to get paid a lot. Does anyone have any advice for me to help me choose?

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3 answers

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Dr Julian’s Answer

Hello Emily
Both can very rewarding careers.
If I were you I would call around to see if you could shadow a veterinarian.
If you have any younger family members you might ask your parents to tag
along the next time they see their pediatrician for a check up. Your decision
may be easier after you have had a chance to see what a typical workday
is like.
Good luck to you.

Thank you so much!:) Emily R.

You're welcome. Dr Julian

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Sehel’s Answer

Listen to your heart, try to weigh both against each other and see which one has your sympathy more. Your passion and caring for either children or animals will help you decide your career path.

Thank you so much!! Emily R.

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Nanette’s Answer

If you want to get paid a lot then be a Pediatrician. Veterinary Medicine doesn't make you rich. Its a decent income but you have to do it because you have a passion for the animals not the salary.

Thanks so much!:) Emily R.