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How much job growth is expected within STEM careers?

I want to go into a career area that will have significant projected job growth within the next few years so that I can be sure to have a place in the career field. #engineering #science #technology #math #stem #statistics

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4 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Hi Brianna,
Oh goodness...well first of all, the acronym STEM is a broad one so I'll just home in on the "E"...since after all, I am an engineer. All facets of engineering are set to really take off in the near to intermediate future in areas such as (1) better ways to make/provide energy, (2) better ways to get people from one place to another...even 'outter space', (3) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, (4) supporting better living via clean food and water supplies et al, ...and many more. Those aforementioned high-level items imply the need to have energized and curious folks is Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Computer Science/Engineering.

It's poised and ready for a talent like yourself. :)

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Karalee’s Answer

Hi! The future of STEM has not limits right now!!!😁 As science is always evolving and new discoveries happen daily! Science and Technology go hand in hand along with the Engineering to create the conversation to Mathematics. With being this being said there would be infinite growth opportunities.

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Chris’s Answer

Stem careers typical pay well and are always in demand. We import many engineers through h1b visas because the us cannot provide enough.
The books I have read about the future focus on robotics, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology are the careers of the future.

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Dr Julian’s Answer

Excellent question
There are many agencies that are working to increase the presence of women in STEM careers.
www.stemwomen.net,National Girls Collaborative Project and https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/ostp/women
are a few of the organizations that help girls understand the importance of STEM as well as provide support to scientist
and researchers. This means the gap will become smaller today and when you are working and talking to students in the future
it may not exist at all.
Good luck