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What are good volunteering ideas if I want to major in Social Work?

I plan on transferring from my community college to UT and would like to have some volunteering experience under my belt. #social-work #social-services

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4 answers

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Alyssa’s Answer

Hi Desiree. Volunteering is a great way to start building your resume and to start your professional network! It's a great idea to start now. Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brother Big Sisters, AmeriCorps, Meals on Wheels, and Girls on The Run would all be beneficial. Also, I'd advise you to think about where you want to work after you graduate. If they accept volunteers I'd recommend trying to volunteer with them or volunteer for a program that works directly with a company you might be interested in.

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Yandira’s Answer

Hi Desiree

Youa sked about volunteering, because of confidentiality some locations do not have voulnteering opportunities. However, afterschool programs, day care, boys and girls clubs or the Y are good places to start. If you want other populations nursing homes all of these you can ask to have not only the volunteer supervisor but may want to ask the social workers there about shadow them.
If there is a specific organization you would like to volunteer go and ask to speak to the clinical director, cant hurt.

Good luck!!!

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Desiree:

I suggest following your interest or areas you are curious to learn more about when looking for volunteer opportunities. Do you want to work with young kids or children - volunteer with your local recreation center; want to work with older adults or seniors - volunteer with a senior center; like animals - check out rescue organizations. I think you get the idea. Other organizations that are always looking for volunteers - library, hospitals, tutor children in elementary school, be a Big Sister.

Good luck,


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Dr Julian’s Answer

You can get good experience volunteering with homeless shelters, transitional houses for veterans, emergency rooms, The Salvation Army,drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, domestic violence shelters, and free clinics.
Good luck.