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Grace D. Mar 17, 2015 1172 views

After you graduate from college with a major in psychology, what are some some steps that you can take in order to get a job as a mental health/ substance abuse social worker?

Hi I am Grace, I am currently a sophomore in high school but I am very interested in this field of study. I just wanted to know some steps that it takes to actually become a social worker because a lot of people go to college to major in psychology but never put it to use. So it is a waste of...

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KC K. Jun 02, 2015 12911 views


I'm in my second year of college and thought I would major in psych and then decide if I will get my MA in social work or counseling later, however I heard about the advanced standing option for people who get their BA in social work so now I'm leaning towards that. I want to facilitate horse...

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Alisha S. May 10, 2016 1243 views

As an aspiring computer scientist...what tips could one give me to make an excellent LinkedIn profile?

I am working on my LinkedIn profile and resume....what kinds of things should I include as a tech major? #computer-science #technology #programming #linkedin #linkedin-recruiter...


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Naeema M. May 12, 2016 512 views

Since nursing will be my major, what type of classes should I have more in

I am dedicated and always ready to do what my heart has longed for. I also care about what I'm doing even if it doesn't turn and seem to be accurate. I know by choosing the right classes that will give me a bright idea of my future goals. #doctor #nursing #physician #social-work...

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Maggie C. May 12, 2016 740 views

How valuable is a Master's in Social Work? A Bachelor's degree? A PhD?

I am considering a Social Work major or a Psychiatric major. Nearing the end of senior year (high school)? #career-choice...


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Micah S. May 13, 2016 549 views
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Micah S. May 13, 2016 467 views
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Deana A. May 14, 2016 751 views

Undergraduate vs Graduate degree in social work?

What are the differences in classes and the college experience between earning a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in social work? #psychology #degree #social-work...


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Alicia L. May 16, 2016 592 views

How has being a social worker impacted you? What has been the most rewarding experience that you have had as a social worker?

Hi! I am a freshman in college and majoring in musical theatre and social science. When I graduate, I want to go to graduate school to get a master's in social work. Because I am planning to pursue a career in social work, specifically adoption social work or child welfare, I was wondering how...


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Dionne H. May 16, 2016 418 views

when going for a msw is it better to get a clinical social work or a family and children focus if I want to have a group home. Considering some children may need to be diagnosed before entering the group home.

I was told that if I wanted to own a group home I would need to have experience working and dealing with children but someone recommended the clinical social work degree saying that it would include knowledge of childhood development and would give me more reach as a social worker....


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Jodie-Ann W. May 17, 2016 393 views

What is the next big thing after touch screens?

Recently I've been seeing post and articles including pictures of holograms and devices where a touch of a fingertip is not necessary for it work. The touch screen was a big step ahead from the previous button touching but how much more can technologists push? I would like to be an innovator...

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Bethany S. May 17, 2016 490 views
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Belen B. May 18, 2016 2397 views

With a sociology degree, can you become a social worker?

The college I applied to did not have social work for bachelor's degree and so I decided to take sociology. However, many people are saying it does not connect to social work. Is that true? #career #science #degree #social-work #work...


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Moira W. May 19, 2016 500 views

What can I major/do in if I want to pursue a career involving social work and international travel?

I want to help people, that's my interest in social work, and I want to travel. #social-work...


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Jennifer C. May 20, 2016 540 views