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Rebecca A. Jun 21, 2018 450 views

What career options are there for economics majors?

I am studying economics at Brown; I really like how economic thinking can solve problems, but I am not a huge fan of math (I do not plan to take any beyond statistics and Calc II which are required). I am very interested in public policy, but more from an applied microeconomics view (rather...

#professor #research #policy #phd #government #economics #career

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Taylor P. Apr 06, 2018 177 views

How much does a graphic designer make per year?

How much (average) money does a graphic designer make per year in Georgia?...


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Elisabeth D. Aug 27, 2018 165 views
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Zari R. Oct 30, 2018 211 views
Donovan C.’s Avatar
Donovan C. Jan 19, 2018 414 views

What is the biggest obstacle in today's culture for the students who are actively pursuing a degree in women's studies?

I just want to know what is the hardest part, or the biggest cultural roadblock for the students who are pursuing a degree in Women's Studies. #womens-studies #culture #today...


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kayla Y. Mar 08, 2019 111 views
Pocahontas V.’s Avatar
Pocahontas V. Jan 15, 2018 294 views

What is a Day in the Life like for a social worker?

I am interested in majoring in sociology in college? #sociology...


Ramsey P.’s Avatar
Ramsey P. Jun 24 179 views

What career best suits my interests?

I enjoy administrative tasks such as office duties, budgeting, math, and providing explanations. I love to help people wherever and whenever I can. I have been trying to find a career that best suits my interest for years but nothing seems to stick. I will be starting college soon and I would...

#college #math #career-counseling #career #college-major

Lana J.’s Avatar
Lana J. Jan 31, 2018 265 views

what college should I go to if I want to major in dance

I love to dance and want to improve....


Te'yah J.’s Avatar
Te'yah J. May 19, 2016 462 views

What should I major in?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school, and I want to be an OB/GYN. I know that I want to attend the University of Georgia, but I want to know what to major in as an undergraduate. I do not know what major would fit with my profession choice, and I need to know what would make the most sense to...

#healthcare #biology #higher-education #doctor #hospital-and-health-care #undergraduate #obstetrics #gynecology #medicine

Kimberly S.’s Avatar
Kimberly S. Jan 18, 2018 373 views

Is it a bad idea to pursue a study abroad program that will neither apply to my major nor provide me credits that I don't already have?

I am a psychology major and am currently interested in applying for 2 very different study abroad programs. One is a psychology program and the other is a Spanish program. I ask this question because I already obtained all the language credits I need from high school but I still wish to learn...

#study-abroad #language

Rebecca A.’s Avatar
Rebecca A. Jun 22, 2018 415 views

How should I prepare for a Consulting Case Interview?

I'm interested in management consulting. How should I prepare for the case portion of interview? I haven't taken any business classes, although I have taken micro economics and macro economics. #consulting #interviews #case-interview...


Lauralea P.’s Avatar
Lauralea P. Jan 17, 2018 202 views

What is the best way to manage working two jobs, maintaining an A average, and make time for a social life in college?

As a student who is depending on scholarships and my own jobs to pay for college, it is very intimidating to take on two jobs and keep my grades up. I worked as a manager in high school and the stress and workload of my job on top of school made me feel as if I were losing my life to my...

#college #time-management #job #bills #stress-management

JaMorris P.’s Avatar
JaMorris P. Aug 31, 2018 180 views
Rosa W.’s Avatar
Rosa W. Aug 31, 2018 264 views

Would a degree from an engineering school or a duel diploma with a liberal arts school and an engineering school give an engineering student a more well-rounded education?

As a student with many interests, spaning from stem to art-history, it is hard to tell what kind of institution will be best suited for me. Would you suggest a program that is soley at an engineering school, or would a duel degree with an engineering school and a liberal arts college be better...

#stem #women-in-stem #steam

Madison H.’s Avatar
Madison H. Oct 15, 2018 219 views
Kailey S.’s Avatar
Kailey S. Feb 21, 2019 213 views

Why do some kids act bad in school

Sometimes when I am in school studying, A random person just starts mouthing the teacher and talking back to the teacher. I do not see the reason for this after all they have done for us. Without them we would not be as smart as us kids would be now. That is my question I hope someone answers...

#teacher #education #teaching #badkids

Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. May 31, 2017 603 views

Is the graduate school supposed to pay for you to attend?

I have heard people say that if the graduate school is not paying for you to come then something is wrong. Does it depend on the school, or major, or something else? I don't understand how this works or what it really means. #psychology #graduate-school #clinical-psychology...


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Dhani M. May 13, 2018 232 views

What type of careers can you get into with a Mass Comm degree?

I'm trying to get more of an idea of what is out there for incoming freshman at my university. I am a mass comm major and I have received a few questions but they're not pertaining to my concentration within the major. #tennesseestate #masscommunications #hbcus #communications...


Bob S.’s Avatar
Bob S. Oct 15, 2019 96 views

What is the cheapest cost for a mechanical engineering major?

This is for a school report. That is getting graded....


Cassidy P.’s Avatar
Cassidy P. Sep 29, 2017 701 views

Do accountants just crunch numbers all day?

I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious and I'm pretty good with #math and numbers....


Fiepre C.’s Avatar
Fiepre C. Sep 04, 2019 58 views

Masters or experience

So I want a regional medical laboratory Scientist for the foreign service. I’m not required to get a masters degree but I am required to have at least five years of laboratory experience. If things goes as plan I might go to graduate school for free so I’m conflicted. Should I go to school and...

#job #career

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ramone P. May 19 57 views

how can i channel dancing into a career that makes alot of money.

I love to dance and sing. Sometimes I have trouble choreographing and I want to go to SCAD. #dance...


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