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Marie E. Oct 06, 2020 81 views

Is it possible to be a singer?

I love to sing and I have a dream to be a artist #singing...


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Ka'Mari R. Sep 04, 2020 143 views
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Sangai B. May 19, 2020 180 views

How can you become a singer?

My name is Sangai. I like CardiB, Nick,Meg, And You know the rise #singer...


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Andrameda C. Apr 12, 2020 122 views

How can I make it to the Billboard top 100 with a album that has been discussed already via social media?

I am a musician that loves to make Jazz music. I am also a fashionista and an array of artist abilities that I focus in. I love exercising and being in my own place with my man. #music #music-industry #sports #singing...


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Taylor R. Nov 22, 2019 178 views

How many years in University to become a Singer?

I want to become a singer when im older. I have already finished a song but I need to now how to be a singer and follow my dreams....


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Laeticia S. Nov 19, 2019 234 views

Would i be able to have a good career in MOS?

I love singing, dancing, and listening to music #singing...


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Noah M. Nov 14, 2019 132 views

Can I make a living off of performing?

I'm a Junior in high school and I love to sing, act, and play instruments. I would love to sing professionally and I have a good singing voice. I want to be able to do what I love doing but also be able to make enough money to support myself along with a family. Ever since I was a little kid I...

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logan S. Apr 23, 2019 263 views
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Brandon T. Nov 14, 2018 216 views

What is a day in the life of a musical artists manager?

What do you do on a normal day as a a musical artists manager? #art #music#hiphop...


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abi E. Sep 05, 2018 225 views
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Elleyna A. Mar 20, 2018 294 views

Technology and Performing Arts

My father has tried to tell me that the opportunities for Performing Arts majors (vocal - opera singer) are significantly reduced in this day of technology and that less people are going to live performance. I disagree, but maybe he has a point and there will be less opportunities than...

#performing-arts #technology #singing #opera

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Lucianna A. Jan 16, 2018 340 views

What was the most rewarding thing you experienced in a performance or in an audition?

I want to be able to gauge my success better and not just focus on getting into a show or getting a rather large applause. I want to be able to see how other performers view achievements and be able to grow and reflect on that. #vocal #performing-arts #success #voice #music...


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caleb A. Jan 11, 2018 317 views

What is the best way to get your music to the public and start signing with music studios, rappers, vocalists,ect

hello, i am Caleb and i love to produce music, whether it is by my self at my computer making music or hanging out with friends being in the so called "Stu"(my room) making beats, but i am having trouble getting my name out there and finding people to collaborate with. Thank you caleb...

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kwabena S. Jan 10, 2018 316 views
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Candace J. Feb 15, 2018 2966 views

how many years do u have to go to college for to be a singer

Because i want to be a Singer once i finish school #music...


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Hchristina . May 23, 2012 2206 views

How can I start a career in the music industry as a vocalist ?

I am interested in music , singing because I am a very good singer and musican but I don`t know how to start my career as a vocalist who is in highschool .What are different suggestion to jump start my career as a vocalist while in highschool heading to college.Also what type of college...

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Richard W. Jan 11, 2018 280 views

How can I best market myself at 15 years old as an aspiring R&B singer?

I understand that if someone is an aspiring R&B singer, it's good to have a vocal coach and/or take vocal classes. However, in order to be successful, how can I put myself out there and make it appear professional? It would be most helpful to get feedback from someone who is in the...


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Kelly M. Nov 27, 2017 283 views

How do i get into a writing or singing position near me?

I have talent, I want to pursue it. I have a BS in english, mostly writing, and I want to know where that can take me. I also can act with my voice more than my expressions. #singing #voiceover #writing...


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Teffany F. Nov 03, 2017 511 views

How do i become a K-pop idol??

Ever since i found out about K-pop i enjoyed the music and dancing. I like the broadcasts they do and the traveling. I like the concept of being in a group and connecting as close friends. I am not Korean, but i do love to sing and i want to practice more in that area. I also don't know how to...

#music #acting #k-pop #singing

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Erik M. Nov 03, 2017 382 views

How can I become a better singer?

I want to be a better singer, because I want to write songs and be an awesome singer, too. #bettersinger #music #voice...


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Heena B. May 23, 2016 738 views

How do I become a singer?

I have the aim that I have to become a good singer. I completed my SSLC recently. #music #singing #singer #performing-arts...


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divya M. May 02, 2016 1493 views

I am interested in singing, what subject should I study in school>?

I am from ghs J B Nagar Bengaluru in India and would love to be a singer. I'm not sure what subjects/majors I should focus on in school to achieve my dreams. #professional #singing #career #college...


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Taylor A. Aug 29, 2017 4193 views

What are the odds of me making in in musical theater?

Hey there! Currently a high school senior about to make the biggest decision of my life. Since I was a little girl, I have been in love with performing (seriously, I loved to sing linkin park all the time when I was two.) When I got into middle school and got my first supporting role, I knew...

#theater #acting #broadway-musicals #broadway #dance #singing

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Shekinah W. Feb 15, 2017 510 views

Why are some good tips I could use to become a singer?

I'm wondering what're some good tips I could use to help me with my singing . #singer #singing #singers-career...


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Abril B. May 12, 2016 591 views

How to think of good lyrics for your first song ever?

I asked this question because i wanna get noticed by my own work and i want to make sure my songs help people and inspire them to do what they like doing the most. #music #singing #dancing...


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Nohealani P. May 12, 2016 478 views

what school should i go to?

i love to sing and i love music and i want to be famous. #music #film #social-media #media...


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Iona S. Mar 22, 2017 3735 views

How do i balance acting and law school?

Hey! So I am completely torn apart... I'm about to finish school and have already applied to one of the best law schools, but now I have doubts... I don't know if i am making a mistake by pursuing such a time consuming career that I find amazing and inspiring, but has been on my mind for just...

#acting #law #creative #career #singing #musical-theatre

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Shekinah W. Feb 16, 2017 514 views

What's life like in a singers point of view ?

I would just like to see how a singers everyday life goes . #singer #singing #sing...