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Career Questions tagged Singing

Latavea T.’s Avatar
Latavea T. Aug 02 134 views

How do I become a Music Therapist

I love music and I want to help people when I am able to. I sing and I want to study psychology when I get to college. music psychology singer...


kyona W.’s Avatar
kyona W. Jul 27 146 views

what I need to do to be a artist

am in high school and I love art I think I can helping people when they is sick is right for me art artist singing creative...


Rue C.’s Avatar
Rue C. May 16 155 views

Can l practice now to be a singer if l want to be a musician in the future?

I am a young mom. Love music and wish to pursue a career in music. Although l have hope that one day l will increase my studies since l am drop out due to being a mom at a young age musician singing Music...

Kanchan B.’s Avatar
Kanchan B. May 06 251 views

how do I start a career as a singer?

I love to sing and I wish to become an international singer. singing singer career arts...


felicia M.’s Avatar
felicia M. Feb 23 142 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior and im interested in the music industry as a recording artists singing music-performance singer musician music so what colleges should i be looking out...

felicia M.’s Avatar
felicia M. Feb 23 141 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior in high school and interested in both music industry work as a recording artists and also business and working on different business ventures. music-industry singing musician...


Marie E.’s Avatar
Marie E. Oct 06, 2020 249 views

Is it possible to be a singer?

I love to sing and I have a dream to be a artist singing...


Sangai B.’s Avatar
Sangai B. May 19, 2020 330 views

How can you become a singer?

My name is Sangai. I like CardiB, Nick,Meg, And You know the rise singer...


Andrameda C.’s Avatar
Andrameda C. Apr 12, 2020 240 views

How can I make it to the Billboard top 100 with a album that has been discussed already via social media?

I am a musician that loves to make Jazz music. I am also a fashionista and an array of artist abilities that I focus in. I love exercising and being in my own place with my man. music music-industry sports singing...


Taylor R.’s Avatar
Taylor R. Nov 22, 2019 469 views

How many years in University to become a Singer?

I want to become a singer when im older. I have already finished a song but I need to now how to be a singer and follow my dreams....


Laeticia S.’s Avatar
Laeticia S. Nov 19, 2019 332 views
Noah M.’s Avatar
Noah M. Nov 14, 2019 226 views

Can I make a living off of performing?

I'm a Junior in high school and I love to sing, act, and play instruments. I would love to sing professionally and I have a good singing voice. I want to be able to do what I love doing but also be able to make enough money to support myself along with a family. Ever since I was a little kid I...

singer music-industry music performace singing

Brandon T.’s Avatar
Brandon T. Nov 14, 2018 303 views

What is a day in the life of a musical artists manager?

What do you do on a normal day as a a musical artists manager? art #music#hiphop...


Elleyna A.’s Avatar
Elleyna A. Mar 20, 2018 407 views

Technology and Performing Arts

My father has tried to tell me that the opportunities for Performing Arts majors (vocal - opera singer) are significantly reduced in this day of technology and that less people are going to live performance. I disagree, but maybe he has a point and there will be less opportunities than...

opera technology performing-arts singing

Lucianna A.’s Avatar
Lucianna A. Jan 16, 2018 488 views

What was the most rewarding thing you experienced in a performance or in an audition?

I want to be able to gauge my success better and not just focus on getting into a show or getting a rather large applause. I want to be able to see how other performers view achievements and be able to grow and reflect on that. vocal performing-arts success voice music...


caleb A.’s Avatar
caleb A. Jan 11, 2018 406 views

What is the best way to get your music to the public and start signing with music studios, rappers, vocalists,ect

hello, i am Caleb and i love to produce music, whether it is by my self at my computer making music or hanging out with friends being in the so called "Stu"(my room) making beats, but i am having trouble getting my name out there and finding people to collaborate with. Thank you caleb...

music-production singing music music-business

Candace J.’s Avatar
Candace J. Feb 15, 2018 4027 views

how many years do u have to go to college for to be a singer

Because i want to be a Singer once i finish school music...


Hchristina .’s Avatar
Hchristina . May 23, 2012 2646 views

How can I start a career in the music industry as a vocalist ?

I am interested in music , singing because I am a very good singer and musican but I don`t know how to start my career as a vocalist who is in highschool .What are different suggestion to jump start my career as a vocalist while in highschool heading to college.Also what type of college...

music singing vocalist

Richard W.’s Avatar
Richard W. Jan 11, 2018 361 views

How can I best market myself at 15 years old as an aspiring R&B singer?

I understand that if someone is an aspiring R&B singer, it's good to have a vocal coach and/or take vocal classes. However, in order to be successful, how can I put myself out there and make it appear professional? It would be most helpful to get feedback from someone who is in the...