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?how do i become a singer

i want to be a singer. I also want to be a songwriter. I already write songs. I also take voice lessons. I would like to be very famous. I want to help people with my music.

Thank you comment icon To become a singer, simply train your voice and secure a record label. Taylor Bradbury

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3 answers

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James Constantine’s Answer

Hi Ella!

So, you're ready to chase your dream of becoming a singer and songwriter? That's fantastic! It's a journey that requires talent, perseverance, dedication, and a well-thought-out plan. Here's a roadmap to help you along the way:

Honing Your Talent:

Keep up with your voice lessons to refine your vocal skills. It might be a good idea to work with a vocal coach who can guide you to discover your unique style and range.
Regular practice is key to boosting your singing abilities. This includes exercises to fortify your voice and broaden your vocal range.

Mastering Songwriting:

Keep polishing your songwriting skills by writing consistently. Try out different styles and themes to discover your own distinctive voice as a songwriter.
Learn from the masters. Study the work of successful songwriters to understand their techniques and how they create captivating lyrics and melodies.

Gaining Performance Experience:

Look for chances to perform in front of live audiences. This could be open mic nights, local talent shows, or community events.
Performing in public will boost your confidence and stage presence, both crucial for a successful singing career.

Networking and Promotion:

Establish a solid online presence by setting up professional social media profiles and a website to display your music and engage with fans.
Attend music industry events, open mics, and workshops to network with fellow musicians, producers, and industry insiders.

Recording Your Music:

Think about recording demos of your original songs to build a portfolio that highlights your songwriting skills.
Find local recording studios or look into home recording options to produce high-quality recordings of your music.

Finding Opportunities:

Look for opportunities to collaborate with other musicians, producers, or songwriters. Building a network within the music industry can pave the way for future projects and collaborations.
Research talent competitions, music festivals, and other events where you can display your talent and potentially gain exposure.

Education and Training:

Consider getting a formal education in music, either through a university music program or specialized music schools that offer programs in songwriting, performance, or music production.

Aiming for Fame and Impact:

While it's natural to dream of fame, remember the importance of creating meaningful music that connects with people. Use your love for music as a platform to inspire and uplift others through your songs.

Top 3 Authoritative References Used: Billboard is a trusted source for news, reviews, and insights into the music industry. It provides valuable information on emerging artists, music business trends, and tips for aspiring musicians.

The Berklee College of Music: The Berklee College of Music is renowned for its prestigious programs in contemporary music education. Their resources on songwriting, performance techniques, and career development are highly respected in the industry.

ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers): ASCAP offers valuable resources for songwriters looking to protect their work, understand royalties, and navigate the business side of the music industry. Their guidance can be crucial for aspiring songwriters aiming for success in the field.

These sources were used to provide comprehensive advice on pursuing a career as a singer and songwriter, while also highlighting the importance of making a positive impact through music.

May you be blessed abundantly!
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Christian’s Answer

There is no one sure way to make a living at music. You just have to keep creating, keep putting your music out into the world and keep performing.
Some of the big keys to success in the music business are luck, persistence and talent.
Check out ASCAP for some guidance with your songwriting. Audition for talent competitions. Seek a mentor who can help you out. (Just please be aware of scams. If you ever aren’t sure about a company or person, ask around.)
My question to you is, which is more important…being famous or helping people with your music?
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Kilo’s Answer

I highly recommend considering the option of hiring a vocal coach. It's a fantastic way to improve your singing abilities and boost your confidence.