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Career Questions tagged Singer

Alynnah’s Avatar
Alynnah Mar 20 46 views

What can my first steps be getting into the musical industry as a singer?

I've been singing ever since I was 4 years old and it's definitely something I want to pursue in the future as a career. I would like start putting myself out there sooner than later so that I can get a head start.

Aly’s Avatar
Aly Mar 14 73 views

Will I be able to major in music and minor in psychology? If so what is the college process for that and how long will it take to accomplish?

I'm 10th grade and need help to set a career plan. I want to be a musician or musical therapist or teacher of sum sort. And the college i plan on going to is Berklee college of music. As of right now I sing, write my own songs, and produce music/beats for it to be recorded.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Feb 15 163 views

What are some tips to get better at singing?

I am really bad at singing even though I love singing. I want to be able to sing songs that I love without cringing.

Khalil’s Avatar
Khalil Feb 08 112 views

How to build your music career?

How does a music artist get recognized if they are a beginner?

joseph’s Avatar
joseph Nov 09, 2022 178 views

How to become Rockstar

I wanna be a Rockstar and go on stage and play and make bread, how do i get my music popular enough to get on stage

jordyn’s Avatar
jordyn Sep 26, 2022 201 views

can I be a professional musician without college or no?

is there a way without college to be a professional musician and have my own brand? I'm in the 11th grade and thought changing to an art or music school would be good, should I wait until college?

maddie’s Avatar
maddie Aug 09, 2022 229 views

How could I even be an actress or a singer?

I know I either wanna be a fashion designer/singer/or actor, but I have stage freight. Is there any way I can get over it. I practice in front of my brother but I still get a bit nervous. I HAVE to get past it if I wanna be an actress or singer, right?

Kilynn’s Avatar
Kilynn Mar 03, 2022 233 views

Which college would help with music/singing careers?

I love music and singing, I would love to participate in musicals and chorus groups in the future. Music is my passion, I have been in chorus since 3rd grade now im almost a senior in high school, I would love to further enhance and improve my skills. #singer #music-industry #music #singing

Andre’s Avatar
Andre Feb 23, 2022 640 views

What are good singing exercises that will help in the future?

I would like to know just some easy exercises that can help better my voice for the future. #career #music #singer #singing #music-production #music-industry

Dakota’s Avatar
Dakota Jan 03, 2022 252 views

How do I play my songs everyday if I don't have a guitar at home?

I am a novice singer/guitar player and I have a very strong passion about music. #singer #music-production #music-industry

Janet’s Avatar
Janet Nov 18, 2021 277 views

How much does a music producer earn

#singer #music-industry #music-production #music #musician

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Nov 10, 2021 230 views

how do you become singer like michael jackson

i am 14 year old and i want to learn to sing #singer

Jenna’s Avatar
Jenna Nov 01, 2021 345 views

What should I be aware of in the future as a musical artist?

#artist #singing #music #music-industry #singer

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Sep 23, 2021 442 views

What are the steps to become a kpop idol?

#career #singer

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Aug 20, 2021 336 views

What practices help with building motivation for music artists?

So as a singer songwriter who's also going to college, I feel very unmotivated to do music or expand my music expertise even though that's what I'm in college for. I feel like I'm behind even though I've built a platform for myself. I don't know how to refocus my passion when I'm so busy with...

Bryce’s Avatar
Bryce Aug 07, 2021 241 views

How do you become more noticed as a kid who wants to be a social media influence and an artist

#singer #socialmedia

Latavea’s Avatar
Latavea Aug 02, 2021 363 views

How do I become a Music Therapist

I love music and I want to help people when I am able to. I sing and I want to study psychology when I get to college. #music #psychology #singer #singing

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jun 21, 2021 296 views

How do I promote my music on a budget?

I just started taking my music journey seriously and would like to know how to promote the songs that I'm about to release. I don't have a music mentor or manager. I am going to college to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Audio Recording. I think my music is worth risking a couple coins on but I'm...

Skylah’s Avatar
Skylah Jun 13, 2021 286 views

How do I know which career choice is the best for me? What steps should I take?

I'm a dancer, a little bit of a singer, I like to do rainbow loom, I like to be outdoors, I'm christian #dance #dance #singer

Damaury’s Avatar
Damaury May 28, 2021 237 views

What would be the best way to get a foot in the music business??

#music-performance #singer

David’s Avatar
David May 20, 2021 234 views

how to be a country music singer

#singer i love to sing and dance and listen to county music

Kanchan’s Avatar
Kanchan May 06, 2021 595 views

how do I start a career as a singer?

I love to sing and I wish to become an international singer. #singing #singer #career #arts #career-choice

Nidhi’s Avatar
Nidhi Mar 16, 2021 248 views

how to be a singer?

i want to get into music industry
what degree do i need for these?
#singer #hip-hopforever

sam’s Avatar
sam Feb 24, 2021 273 views

how to be a singer

i am a good singer ,writer,speaker,poet,dancer and actor #singer #performing #songwriter #talent

felicia’s Avatar
felicia Feb 23, 2021 315 views

what should I expect when majoring in the entertainment business

I am a junior and im interested in the music industry as a recording artists #singing #music-performance #singer #musician #music so what colleges should i be looking out for

MAHI’s Avatar
MAHI Jan 21, 2021 528 views

How to become a singer and dancer

#singer #dancer

Aaniyah’s Avatar
Aaniyah Nov 09, 2020 378 views

how long do you have to go to college to be a songer/songwriter


Marie’s Avatar
Marie Oct 06, 2020 451 views

Is it possible to be a singer?

I love to sing and I have a dream to be a artist #singing #singer

Nadia’s Avatar
Nadia Sep 04, 2020 276 views

Hey my name nadia and im a 9th grader and i was wondering what can i do during college that has something to do with singing

I been singing every seens i was 6 and every seens then i wanted to be a singer i was wondering do they have things that deal with singing in collage. #singer

Ka'Mari’s Avatar
Ka'Mari Sep 04, 2020 971 views

how can i start a path to a music career

#career #musician #music #music-industry #singer # #singing #producer #