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Career Questions tagged Singers Career

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emily May 17 210 views

How busy or stressful is your job and how do you deal with stress?

i want to know this so i can prepare myself on anything, i'm already a pretty positive person but i need to train myself for this job im wanting to have in the future and make the best of it.

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emily May 17 185 views

What classes would you recommend for someone interested in the music industry?

this question is important to know because i don't want to be stuck with taking classes i'm not gonna need the career i'm going to want in the future.

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emily May 17 129 views

Was this career your first option?

i'm always switch my mind too often! so this would be a great question for someone to answer that relates to what i'm saying thank you!

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Tyler Sep 25, 2017 949 views

Any advice about following your dreams in the entertainment industry?

I'm in need for some advice. Ever since I was little, i knew I wanted to make music and movies. I've been playing the piano since I was 5, and the guitar since I was 8. I've been creating home movies since I was really young. Movies and music are my greatest passions. They make me who I am....

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Shekinah Feb 16, 2017 838 views

What's life like in a singers point of view ?

I would just like to see how a singers everyday life goes . #singer #singing #sing #singers-career

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Shekinah Feb 16, 2017 952 views

What's it like to be a singer, and have an audience to perform in front of?

I would like to understand how other people feel on stage, while singing in front of an audience. #singer #singing #sing #singers-career

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Shekinah Feb 15, 2017 812 views

Why are some good tips I could use to become a singer?

I'm wondering what're some good tips I could use to help me with my singing . #singer #singing #singers-career #performing-arts