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A job is a task someone receives money for completing. Some people work on different types of jobs on their road to finding a career. For more information, please read...

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Maria C. yesterday 20 views

How is it like to work at UN? What do you specifically do working with the part of humans rights?

I’m a student from Brazil and next year I will join an university. I wanna do the International Relations course and in the future work in the UN with human rights, traveling all around the world and helping others. #career #international #travel # #job # #work #work #humanrights #humanitarian...

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Anthony H. 2 days ago 50 views

Are there any jobs for Creative Writing majors?

I'm a senior Creative Writing major at Stephen F. Austin State University. I'm close to my graduation date and I was wondering what possible jobs are out there for people in my degree field. #college #college-major #writing #creative-writing...


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Christie C. Apr 04 150 views

What are some best practices for building a LinkedIn profile as a college student?

On a more specific note, should I include my role in an executive board for a student organization in the experiences section or in the volunteering section? #student #resume #job #career #college #linkedin...


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Aun M. Feb 23 172 views

Is working at a FAANG company in Silicon Valley really worth it? Will the expenses incurred make the job seem much more unreasonable?

As a 10th grader, my dream is to eventually work at a FAANG company (maybe in silicon valley). Recently, however, I've been looking at articles and videos which claim that the expenses one incurs make living there very unreasonable. Some say that it is better to work at a company in a state...

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Elijah J. Mar 31 78 views

What does this specific job require from a student?

My name is Elijah I will soon be a graduate from Washington heights expeditionary learning school in a few months with a 78 gpa #student #business...


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Rachael J. Mar 26 34 views
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Rasya B. Mar 24 73 views

Is there still a gender bias in finance related jobs on Wall Street?

I was just wondering if it is still harder for women to advance in a financial career since I want to work on Wall Street when I'm older. #finance #job #interviews...


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Taryn L. Mar 24 21 views
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Ramsey P. Mar 23 182 views

What careers should I look into?

For years I have been trying to figure out what career/field I should go into. I have been looking into healthcare, but I decided to consider other fields to make sure that's what I want to do. I am interested in math, science, technology, art, agriculture, and photography. I am also a people...

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KAREN L. Mar 22 47 views
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Joshua B. Mar 16 65 views

What is the risk factor associated with this line of work?

I'm a male, 19 years old and currently enrolled in Job Corps. I'm trying to gain experience in Facilities Maintenance. I'm interested in becoming a Lineman or Journeyman Electrician. I have a high school diploma. #career-path #job #career #facility #maintenance...


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bryant B. Mar 16 32 views
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Joshua B. Mar 16 44 views

What kind of benefits would I receive in the Construction field? Like health for example.

I'm male, 19 years old and attending Job Corps in El Paso, TX. I'm getting certified in Facilities Maintenance and may be interested in becoming a Journeyman Electrician or Lineman. I have a HS Diploma. #career #construction...


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Orla D. Mar 19 100 views

In the context of COVID-19, how do you plan for a future that seems so uncertain?

Because of #covid-19 I don't know what will happen to my plans of getting a job or furthering my studies in the summer. As an International student, my Visa also expires this year and my flight ticket back home is August. I have contemplated about how this is going to affect my plan of working...

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Joshua B. Mar 16 47 views

What is the best career for me? Recommendations?

I'm male, 19 years old and graduated from high school. I'm currently attending Job Corps and am doing Facilities Maintenance as my trade that falls under Construction. I'm interested in becoming a Journeyman Electrician or Lineman, however, I'm not entirely sure what I should really do. I'm...

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Emily C. Mar 16 107 views

Does this recession mean I might not be able to get a job when I graduate?

I am currently an architecture student with a planned graduation in 2022, what does the #covid19 recession mean for the job market in regards to architecture? I was intending to practice for a few years before going to grad school, but does this mean I should start considering/planning to go to...

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Lenier V. Mar 13 36 views

What are the steps to become a diesel programer

My name is lenier i want to go to UTI in orlando to become a diesel programer. I am a hard worker and i perform and finish well when i do my work. My listening skills are also really well. And my weakness is that i can be lazy and a bit of a procrastinator. #career #job...


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Mikhail S. Mar 13 50 views

What steps should i take for a Project Manager career in construction?

I am a civil engineer from Russia. I have very good experience in Russia. But I think that I need to start my career from entry-level at construction in the US. I want to see the way that I need to go. Sincerely yours Michael. #career #construction...


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Adam B. Mar 13 35 views

do you have to go to college to go to dental school?

two things that I’m good at is talking to people and getting stuff done when I have too I have always wondered if you have to go to college to go to dental school. #dentistry #career #job #college...