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Career Questions tagged Job

Xiomara’s Avatar
Xiomara 1 hour ago

What should I do to motivate myself for college?

What should I do to be happy in college besides doing the work that they give. I believe student life is more important than the population of college itself.

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden 4 hours ago 11 views

What is your job and what does your day to day look like at work?

I’m not sure what I want to do and I feel like most job/career descriptions don’t give a good example of what day to day life is like.

Brynn’s Avatar
Brynn 8 hours ago 13 views

How do I figure out what I want to be when I’m older based off of what I like to do?

I know I like to make people happy, I like getting what I want and I’m pretty good at it (not in a bratty way), I like helping people, and I like accomplishing things. I just don’t know what career these things turn out to be.

Bradley’s Avatar
Bradley 2 days ago 58 views

How hard is it to get a job?

I have no additional information to share

ISAIAH’s Avatar
ISAIAH Mar 23 71 views

What is a good way to prepare for a job interview ?

I am a senior in high school looking for a job.

Noah’s Avatar
Noah Mar 23 40 views

What is post-grad, and how do I approach on going to one after getting my bachelors ?

I just wanted to know how this works because I don't really understand it.

John’s Avatar
John Mar 23 88 views

Is what you do meaningful to you?

I am 22 and looking forward to getting my welding certification up to G6. One day I want to go underwater as an underwater welder because it is one of the most lucrative trades on the market. Is there anybody here that can give me some advice on what to do after I complete my Jobcorps training?...

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Mar 22 21 views

Is electrical engineering a good job that pays well?

I don't have a degree in electrical engineering and I want to know if it is a good job that pays well so I know what I am getting myself into.

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Mar 22 118 views

What kind of job field should I pursue if I like to build things and like technology?

12 grade
Like building Lego
Like star wars
Like video games

Jules’s Avatar
Jules Mar 21 113 views

How did you find the career that was right for you?

how did you decide what interested you most, in order to help pick your career?

Cailin’s Avatar
Cailin Mar 20 62 views

What's a good starting pay for an office job in San Jose?

Office job.

Cailin’s Avatar
Cailin Mar 20 83 views

Whats a good business to start out with for an office job?

Just looking for a good office job.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20 37 views

How can one get from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner?

I'm looking into whether It is worth it or not.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 20 32 views

What does agriculture do ?

In different ways you can help with farming and growing crops.

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael Mar 20 31 views

Is agriculture a good industry?

I want to know if agriculture makes good money and has good job security.

Qinglin’s Avatar
Qinglin Mar 15 97 views

What aspects do data science job interviews typically cover?

I am graduating by the end of this year and have started building my resume and preparing for job interviews. I wonder if there is a "leet code" equivalence in the ds field that I should be working on? What types of questions do a data science job interview typically includes? Thank you in...

Yili’s Avatar
Yili Mar 15 196 views

What are some jobs for high school students?

How could I get one and what are some tips when working?

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Mar 14 132 views

When is a good time to start working. Like having an official career.


Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Mar 13 274 views

Do you enjoy working?

I know people say to do what you love, but it can be hard. How do you balance work and play?

Kalea Jafer’s Avatar
Kalea Jafer Mar 13 41 views

What are some jobs that are both film and history related?

What could I do tho get such a job?

Lily’s Avatar
Lily Mar 13 62 views

How do you build a portfolio?

I want to start at least thinking about my future and am not sure how to get started with a portfolio.

Jade’s Avatar
Jade Mar 13 61 views

Career Options?

What are other great career fields out of Medical and Engineering jobs?

kimberly’s Avatar
kimberly Mar 13 82 views

What should I look for in a job as an office administrator?

Give me tips on what I should know and look for before entering a job

karilyn’s Avatar
karilyn Mar 09 68 views

Am i gonna get rich ?

yes you are

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Mar 09 83 views

What is a good first job for someone who is starting to work?

I'll be 16 soon, so I am just thinking about my first job.

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours Mar 07 77 views

How should I think about success in a job?

This is part of our professionals series

Rejoice’s Avatar
Rejoice Mar 06 51 views

WWhat job can I get with a degree in Education English?

Education and job

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Mar 05 77 views

Would a paranormal investigator be a real job or would i have to be something else? If being a paranormal investigator is a real job, do you have to go to college?

I love the looking at the unknown. I would love to be a paranormal investigator but I don't know if that is a real job and I don't know if you have to go to college for that, if you could let me know I'd be appreciated thank you.

Hibah’s Avatar
Hibah Mar 04 92 views

How do you know about your personal choices?

How are things working and how do you know your job is not just something you do that you don't enjoy? Is there a way where you can find what type of job you want to pursue?

Jolee’s Avatar
Jolee Mar 03 121 views

As someone starting off in the career world, how do I come off as most professional at a young age?

older people seem to have a sense of seniority, but everyone starts somewhere. Where do beginners start, and what can we do to up our professionalism in the workforce?