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Career Questions tagged Job

A job is a task someone receives money for completing. Some people work on different types of jobs on their road to finding a career. For more information, please read...

Dae'Jahon J.’s Avatar
Dae'Jahon J. Dae'Jahon J. 2 days ago 41 views

Why do people go for careers

Nothing about me will help w answering the question but i just wonder what's wrong with looking at simple jobs first instead of immediately hopping into a commitment like a career #job #career...


Jeremiah T.’s Avatar
Jeremiah T. Jeremiah T. 2 days ago 19 views

Is being a orthodontist a rewarding job?

I can read French and play the piano, and would like a career that gives me a sense of accomplishment. #job...


Marvin W.’s Avatar
Marvin W. Marvin W. Jul 31 29 views

Whats a good way to start your career in real-estate

I am very interested in business and I like doing things that are in my control Including my career or job so #entrepreneur #business #marketing #career...


Aramis H.’s Avatar
Aramis H. Aramis H. Jul 30 47 views

How do I get involved in internships and work experience?

I want to gain as much hands-on experience as possible so that I can use it in the future and be that much better because of it. #internship #job...


janae B.’s Avatar
janae B. janae B. Jul 30 27 views

nothing really

im janae and im smart...


Auriaha M.’s Avatar
Auriaha M. Auriaha M. Jul 30 37 views

What’s a good career for me

I like to be on computer but I also don’t want to have to give my whole life to my job #computer #job...


Jalayla M.’s Avatar
Jalayla M. Jalayla M. Jul 28 32 views

What career do I want ?

Fun , hard- working , like to learn , active , smart , and easily bored #career...


Janaa S.’s Avatar
Janaa S. Janaa S. Jul 26 32 views

what is it about your self you adore?

i'm nice im loveable i'm kind hearted i'm fun in i'm goofy but in life my goal is to own my own pet veterinary job because i have a huge love for animals and i love to work for my self and make my own oney #veterinary-medicine #job #veterinarian...


hana T.’s Avatar
hana T. hana T. Jul 23 88 views

job interview advices

im a 2nd yr college student, planning to get a job for the first time (i don't have any job experience at all) #college #job #jobinterview...


Charlize T.’s Avatar
Charlize T. Charlize T. Jul 22 40 views

Student Teaching/AuPair

I Finished matric in 2020. This year I am taking a gap year and working but I'm studying BEd online in 2022 so I am looking for an Aupair job or a Student Teaching job opening so that I can study, work and get work experience for the future at the same time but I'm not sure where I can get...

#teacher #education #student #aupair #career #job #college #teaching

Anna V.’s Avatar
Anna V. Anna V. Jul 21 50 views

Policing and Criminology

I recently came to know about policing and criminology majoring. Can anyone explain what job can we get when we majored in it or will it be difficult to get a job. #college #job #career...

lakeisha L.’s Avatar
lakeisha L. lakeisha L. Jul 17 120 views

How do I find a job

Look for one and ask people that have one...


Jadaya L.’s Avatar
Jadaya L. Jadaya L. Jul 14 82 views

How can I recieve a job?

Im currently entering my Junior year of high school and am wanting to be able to make my own income. It would be super helpful if any of you could provide some tips or websites to help me. Thank You! #college...


Xavier K.’s Avatar
Xavier K. Xavier K. Jul 10 136 views

How do I motivate myself to try hard when no one else is motivating nor inspiring me to try.

I try to motivate people in my life to see my friends and family succeed in life. I also try to make my friends happy, even if it makes me sad. #career...


Rosemary G.’s Avatar
Rosemary G. Rosemary G. Jul 09 77 views

Is a midwife a good job/ interesting job?

Im currently looking for careers and seems like midwife is fun but don"t know the other perspective behind closed doors. #job #nurse #nursing...


Brian O.’s Avatar
Brian O. Brian O. Jul 08 56 views

What does it take for advancement in this work environment ?is it experience or is it time withing the company?

I'm going for a skill trade in construction, I want to be a doer rather than a helper. but the question is universal meaning it apply's for any job. experience or time in ? #job #business...


Kaylee G.’s Avatar
Kaylee G. Kaylee G. Jul 08 51 views

what are some things that i can do with this application?

I am working my first job and it redirected me to this website so I wanted to do what I can #job #internship do with this app and how it can help me do better at my...

Phila N.’s Avatar
Phila N. Phila N. Jul 07 47 views

I have a certificate in IT support services, Id love to work almost anywhere with my skill set how do I go about securing a position preferably as help desk?

Hcert and a diploma in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SERVICES, certified by Cisco aswel level1 #information-technology...


Shameek J.’s Avatar
Shameek J. Shameek J. Jun 30 56 views

Is music a career

I'm #career-choice a 16 year old boy trying to find a career that fits me #job...


Dong S.’s Avatar
Dong S. Dong S. Jun 30 101 views

question about goals

is it weird for your goal to just be enjoying your work and having pride in the work that you do? I feel like this would be the first thing I would look for in a job and I cant tell if its too short to be a goal or too vague....


Giovanna V.’s Avatar
Giovanna V. Giovanna V. Jun 30 65 views

How do you manage college and a job?

I need to figure how to balance them both while still giving 100% to both things. #college-advice...


Zizipho D.’s Avatar
Zizipho D. Zizipho D. Jun 26 81 views

What kind of job will I get, full time or part time?

I'm a hard worker, a people's person and I am good at communicating with people #job...


Andrea Nicole A.’s Avatar
Andrea Nicole A. Andrea Nicole A. Jun 26 61 views

If you will have to choose, career or relationship?

I learn quickly and work hard, and would be thrilled to put my enthusiasm, and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the role. #career #job...


Sam S.’s Avatar
Sam S. Sam S. Jun 24 110 views

Do you feel like 4 years of college taught you enough?

So far with the jobs/internships I've had related to IST/computer science , I've noticed that obviously the things I learn in class are applied, but I also feel like theres so much I don't know. I know this is common because theres no way you can learn everything, it takes time/practice....

#internship #computer-science #job