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Career Questions tagged Tig Welding

Rafael’s Avatar
Rafael Jan 24 30 views

Questions about the pipeline welding industry?

1. what is the average pay rate for this position?
2. What is the training required for this position?
3. What can I do to do the work to the best of my ability?

Justin’s Avatar
Justin Aug 17, 2022 119 views

What to choose for Welding Career/what are the different Welding options

I'm trying to go into welding for my career and I'm not quite sure exactly which kind I should try, and I would just like to know what my options are from someone else's perspective about the pay, the hard work ,and how often and enjoyable each one could be and not from off the internet

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Jun 08, 2022 242 views

What are work schedules like for welders? What kind of benefits are offered? How long have you worked in the industry, and have you enjoyed it?

I've been curious about welding due to friends and family, and are trying to see if its a vocation I'd like to train and adopt as a potential career.