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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

Bry F.’s Avatar
Bry F. 20 hours ago 12 views

As a mechanic, how do you keep your shop up and running when the work is slow?

Im 21, i live in the country and i hope to own my own shop one day. business management...


Gianna M.’s Avatar
Gianna M. 2 days ago 17 views

What does the average day look like for a 3D computer animator and/or advertiser?

I am currently an art student in high school, and I've always wanted to go into an artistic career. I was thinking about graphic designing, but I want to take it a step further and pursue a career where I animate, specifically advertisement commercials or even in movies or television shows....

design art animation graphic-design career

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Yasmine M. Oct 15 19 views

What companies offer a job in marketing around the world or specifically in the UK (Northern Ireland)

I am a student interested in studying marketing, however, i would like to know what companies offer a job in this sector. This could be for the future or it could be for a work experience. marketing business career...


Lauryn W.’s Avatar
Lauryn W. Oct 13 91 views

Is it okay to graduate and still be undecided on your career choice?

I am in 11th grade and really want to do something medical but I don't want to wait to late to determine my career path. career medicine undecided college...


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Brody B. Oct 13 62 views

What are some things that I should mainly focus on when looking for my career?

I want o be a marine or secret service...


Priya K.’s Avatar
Priya K. Oct 12 56 views

What's a good way to build a strong but open career path?

I am a high school graduate who is currently in career technical training. I had to take a break from college in order to do so but I would like to go back. I took two years of biotechnology in high school and I absolutely adore the subject. Some of my other interests are art, psychology and...

college career

Bobbi H.’s Avatar
Bobbi H. Oct 12 38 views

What can I be doing right now to build my resume for mental health field employers?

I know that I want to go into the mental health field, but due to confidentiality issues, I see that I may not be able to job shadow. What else can I be doing now other than school? career mentalhealth...


sohaya K.’s Avatar
sohaya K. Oct 11 38 views

How to get a job as a new graduate without any experience

Hi, my name is sohaya, I just graduated college with a degree in human-centred Design from India, I just moved to the US and am trying to look for a job as a design researcher, with no experience working in the US. What should my initial steps be? career design...

Faith H.’s Avatar
Faith H. Oct 09 95 views

What jobs can someone with a learning disability do?

Hi my name is Faith and I’m 21 and I also have a learning disability and it’s been hard for me to get a job because of the way I talk in an interview was hard for me to talk in an interview interviews job-application work But mainly I want to work like in fast food or a daycare or as a...

interviewing-skills job career

Myles H.’s Avatar
Myles H. Oct 09 66 views

What are some red flags from employers?

If I ever seriously get into computer science engineering, (which I hope I'll do) I'd like to know what to look out for. So, based on personal experiences, what are some of the biggest red flags to look out for with an employer, and what do they mean? Thanks so much for your time. career...

computer computer-science

Noah V.’s Avatar
Noah V. Oct 08 71 views

Is a career in accounting able to maintain an expensive lifestyle? Does this depend on position?

I'd like to maintain a fairly lavish lifestyle but im not picky with what that might mean. I'd just like to be paid an above average salary. financial-accounting accounting accountant finance...


lily P.’s Avatar
lily P. Oct 08 41 views

What are the requirements for becoming a teacher?

I've wanted to become a band teacher for a little bit. I play the trombone and I find band very fun. So I was wondering what are some requirements that I would need to have in order to become a band teacher. teacher music career music...


Cameron S.’s Avatar
Cameron S. Oct 08 52 views

What would be the better choice? Building diesel engines or being a diesel mechanic?

Was looking at careers in the diesel area and was curious which was the better path. engineering...


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Keith M. Oct 08 47 views
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Keith M. Oct 08 29 views
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Dalton D. Oct 08 29 views

What skills are needed for career and colleges for an orthodontist?

I go to Cane Bay high school. I was born in Georgia. I am interested in becoming an orthodontist. I want to get into University of South Carolina. I want to learn how how and what it takes for others to become an orthodontist. I want to become an orthodontist as I get older because I want to...

college university college-major career

Erkhes M.’s Avatar
Erkhes M. Oct 07 47 views

Is it fine to choose a career path you don't know if you like it or not?

I am a junior at Galileo High school. I am just wondering what I should do after high school. career college...