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Career Questions tagged Clinical Research

Valencia C.’s Avatar
Valencia C. Apr 22, 2018 472 views

So I like management and psychology...

But I dont know what kind of jobs I can take. I know its early, but I want to make a clear path to find my way. Any advice? clinical-research...


Christi W.’s Avatar
Christi W. Mar 12, 2018 418 views

Clinical vs research experience?

I am applying for MD/PhD programs. Is it more important that I get more research experience after I graduate or clinical experience? premed medicine clinical-research...


maurice W.’s Avatar
maurice W. Oct 22, 2016 709 views

What faculties or companies will allow for independent genetic research with funding for large scale projects?

Hello, my name is Maurice and I seeking answer for my questions about life. I plan to go to college to major in chemical engineering / biological science(biochemistry)to better understand mutation and adaption of specific species. My hope is do experiments to better benefit society. biology...

biochemistry research research-and-development clinical-research molecular-biology medical-research

Krystal  H.’s Avatar
Krystal H. Mar 30, 2017 2213 views

What do you do if you're a senior in college and you still don't know what you want to do with your degree?

I have a bachelor's of science degree in psychology. I'm pretty hesitant about getting my masters for a couple of reasons. For one, I don't know what I want. And two, it's really expensive. I've looked at a lot of jobs, but nothing in this field is really catching my eye. I love to do research...

clinical-research psychology internship life-coach internships clinical-psychology hospital

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Rachel B. Feb 03, 2017 613 views
Maja  G.’s Avatar
Maja G. Jan 26, 2017 5162 views
Hashir A.’s Avatar
Hashir A. Nov 02, 2016 769 views

How would I go about getting an entry level clinical research position?

I am looking for an entry level research position that will further strengthen my application to medical school. The only experience I have in research is community health research, but I am trying to find something more clinical or even lab related. Since I am lacking in experience how can I...

entry-level clinical-research clinical medicine research

Libby E.’s Avatar
Libby E. Oct 31, 2016 688 views

What is a day in the life of a neurologist?

I'm interested in research, but what would I do during the day? Is it mostly hands-on or writing or both? research...


Kiera R.’s Avatar
Kiera R. Oct 22, 2016 712 views

What is the average time it takes to complete an M.D. / Ph. D. degree?

I plan on majoring in molecular biology in college on a pre-med track with hopes to go to medical school to get my M.D./Ph. D. I was wondering how long it would take to pursue this degree? college medicine graduate-school research medical-education molecular-biology...


Sherry-Lisa S.’s Avatar
Sherry-Lisa S. Oct 13, 2016 676 views

How do you know what field is best for you?

I am in the field of psychology and is confused as what to minor in. psychology clinical-psychology...


Sherry-Lisa S.’s Avatar
Sherry-Lisa S. Sep 14, 2016 731 views

What is the must trending field in psychology?

I am a third year student reading for my bachelors degree in psychology and would like to know what feild is best to specialize in. psychology clinical-psychology student-counseling...