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Maja G. Jan 26, 2017 3104 views

What else can international physician work in USA without USMLE?

I have international medical degree and 7years experience but want to work ASAP #nurse #physician #nurse-practitioner #medical-research #physicians-assistant #clinical-research...


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Taylor A. Oct 30, 2016 441 views

Is the medical field a stressful job?

I want my job to be a job I enjoy and do not have to get so worked up about. I understand that ever job might get stressful at some point, I just do not want it to be a constant stress every day. #stress...


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Brittany W. May 28, 2016 1794 views

Can you have a career as a Physician Assistant outside the United States?

I am a Biology Major, currently attending Florida Atlantic University. I plan to attend a PA program after I graduate college. I would like to work in a developing country, ideally somewhere in Africa. I was recommended to join the Peace Corps, however, I know little about it. Any thoughts?...

#peace-corps #medical-assisting #physicians-assistant #physician #jobs

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Kyera T. May 27, 2016 514 views

What hospital in Texas would be the best to do an internship at?

I am asking to clarify what would be the best hospital to work at prior to me graduating from college, and opening my own hospital. #nurse #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education...


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Nikita M. May 09, 2016 463 views

What is Medical Assistant certification? How long it take? what is the scope of it and how much can I earn? Is it really difficult course work and requires lot of time? Do I need it to get a job in this field?

I am living in california, USA and i have master's degree in psychology. Looking for a job in healthcare. I am looking for any type of job from case manager to administrative not necessarily have to be psychology related. I have personal experience in medical case management. I want to use my...

#medicare #psychology #medical-assisting #healthcare

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Jandira B. May 19, 2015 731 views

How many years do I need to go to college to be a medical assistant?

I go to Madison Park HS in Boston and have chosen the medical assistant vocation because I like to help people and I want to make money. #college #medicine #medical-assisting...