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Career Questions tagged Nursingschool

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Neftali Nov 16, 2022 244 views

How would you describe your journey of becoming a registered nurse or medical assistant?

describe the journey it took to get where you are, struggles, accomplishments, achievements, the school you attended, courses you took, and personal stories.

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Neftali Nov 16, 2022 210 views

what is the task you do the most when working as a registered nurse and or a medical assistant?

state if you are an RN or medical assistant and explain your relation to the question. you can explain stories related to the question as well :D

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Jordan Sep 09, 2022 284 views

What would be a typical day?

What would be a typical day in the work force as a Nurse Practitioner?

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Samantha Aug 25, 2022 267 views

hello, I'm not to close to college but i wanted to get a idea of the transitioning process from college to nursing school?

Hello, I am not too close to college but I wanted to see what is the transitioning process from college to nursing school???

K.’s Avatar
K. Aug 19, 2022 232 views

Can You Study Abroad while in a BSN Programs?

Hi! I've always wanted to spend a semester abroad, but I'm worried with the rigor of a BSN program, it won't be possible. Would it be better to go over the summer?

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K. Aug 15, 2022 287 views

Is it Hard to Double Major in Nursing and Psychology?

Please share your experience here!

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Tyler Mar 13, 2022 241 views

Does anyone know of any nursing programs that aren’t impossible to get into? Anyone have any advice?

I got into nursing programs in high school. Couldn’t afford any of them, so I just went to community college. I decided to work towards an associates degree in film studies, but became an alcoholic and failed out. My grades are completely terrible. I’m now sober, and trying to turn my life...

Lareecia’s Avatar
Lareecia Jan 23, 2022 249 views

If I want to take my pre-reqs at the university I also want to get my bsn at how would I do so?

I'm an 11th grader and I'm not sure where or how I can take my pre-reqs at college. #nursingschool #nursing

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K'eonna Oct 08, 2021 337 views

What kind of college classes would I have to take to become a traveling nurse ?

#collegelife #nursingschool #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

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Jessica Apr 05, 2021 496 views

Do I need my CNA to be a nurse?

#nurse #nursingschool #medical-school

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Okayra Mar 02, 2021 341 views

What was the funnest part of becoming a registered nurse?

Was the learning process fun? did you do a lot of activities?
#nurse #nursingschool #registerdnurse #nursing

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Zen Jan 26, 2021 416 views

Nursing School Interview

I have a Nursing School Interview. Does anyone have sample questions that could help me. #interview #nursingschool #interview-preparation

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Tay Dec 28, 2020 406 views

Nursing school while playing minor hockey?

I am going to start nursing school in September 2021 and want to continue playing minor hockey (I am young enough still to play minor hockey for 2 years). It’s not overly competitive but I love the sport more than life. I’m worried about balancing it with the demands of nursing school...

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn Oct 19, 2020 259 views

How much is the income for an NICU nurse ?

I am a freshman taking principles of health science #nursingschool #community-management

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Aug 22, 2020 658 views

What was/is your experience been in nursing school? How would you describe it?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school, and I am certain that going into nursing is something I want to do. More specifically, I want to get my BSN, become a registered nurse, then get my masters and become a nurse practitioner (specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics). I am curious...

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Abby Aug 29, 2018 404 views

What are the best scholorship apps?


Kylie’s Avatar
Kylie Aug 01, 2018 525 views

Which California university has the best nursing program?

I've read multiple articles but I want to hear from you guys :) #college #Nursingschool #BSN

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Clarise Apr 04, 2018 655 views

Is there a best time to study?

When is the "best" time to study? I have class, then lab right after. Should I take a mental break after lab, or should I study right then so it is "fresh" information? Is there a best time to study? #nursing #college #nursingschool #student-life #studying-tips #study-habits

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Meaghan Mar 09, 2018 527 views

What goals should I set for myself to become a great nurse?

It is my goal to work to the best of my ability and utilize whatever means necessary to excel as a nurse. #nursingschool

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Erin Mar 05, 2018 646 views

How do you choose what nursing field is best for you??


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Mireia Dec 13, 2017 1026 views

What are some tips for getting into nursing school?

#nursing-education #registered-nurses #registered-nursing #registerednurse #nursing #nurses #nurse #nursingschool #medicine

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Immaculate Sep 01, 2017 982 views

How do you stay focused and organized in nursing school?

I am a current nursing student. It can be difficult sometimes to manage my time well when it comes to my studies, family, friends, etc. I am looking for tips to manage everything well and still maintain my sanity. Thanks! #nursingschool #nurse #nursing #healthcare #nursing-education...