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How much is the income for an NICU nurse ?

I am a freshman taking principles of health science #nursingschool #community-management

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2 answers

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Shay’s Answer

Hi Kamryn!

Nurse salaries range by location. I found a really cool website that ranks the salaries of NICU nurses by state: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/What-Is-the-Average-NICU-RN-Salary-by-State

On average, looks like:
Entry Level: $52,208‬ yearly
Early Career: $59,217 yearly
Mid Career: $71,032‬ yearly
Experienced: $72,092 yearly
Late Career: $82,492 yearly

Here's another link with good information: https://nursejournal.org/neonatal-nursing/nicu-nursing-careers-salary-outlook/

Good luck!

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Brianna’s Answer

Checkout glassdoor.com to get the latest salary information per area!